Solid Ground is a major Aboriginal initiative founded in 2015 by Carriageworks and Blacktown Arts, providing young Aboriginal people with education and training pathways in the arts and culture industries. Solid Ground also supports the commissioning of new Aboriginal works in the fields of contemporary theatre, dance, visual arts and music, which provide significant opportunities for Aboriginal young people to gain professional industry experience combined with on-the-job training.


Carriageworks is the premier contemporary multi-arts center in Australia. Solid Ground is a core program within the Carriageworks First Nations program – an ambitious artistic and cultural strategy that develops and delivers First Nations work across multiple art forms, providing significant support to leading Australian and international First Nations artists through the commissioning and presentation of contemporary work provides and promotes professional and community relationships between Carriageworks and First Nations communities.


Blacktown Arts is a recognized pioneer in the development of contemporary art in Australia. Blacktown Arts supports artistic innovation and offers exciting new experiences for audiences through an award-winning curated program of exhibitions, performances, workshops, residencies and events. Blacktown Arts is dedicated to exploring dynamic, culturally diverse work that reflects Blacktown, its history, and its communities. Blacktown Arts places First Nations artists and communities at the center of the program to develop new work that relates to issues of local and global concern.


  • Respect each other: Everyone is welcome. Everyone’s voice is important. We learn from each other by listening with empathy and care.
  • Share the journey: Support others to do their best. We act with integrity and trust. We are jointly responsible.
  • Be adventurous: Embrace creativity. We are looking for bold ideas and new opportunities.
  • foresight: Respect the land, prioritize sustainability and encourage new ways of thinking out of the old. We lay the foundation for future generations.


Carriageworks is looking for a Manager for our celebrated Firmly floor Program conducted in partnership with Blacktown Arts. Firmly floor is a major First Nations arts initiative established in 2015 to provide educational and training pathways in the arts and culture industries to First Nations youth. Firmly floor also supports the commissioning of new First Nations work in the fields of contemporary theatre, dance, visual arts and music and provides young First Nations people with significant opportunities to gain professional industry experience combined with on-the-job training.

Working closely with the Director, First Nations Programs and the Firmly floor education officer, Firmly floor program manager is responsible for all aspects of the development, planning and delivery of the Firmly floor Program. This is an identified full-time Aboriginal position.

Firmly floor is supported by the Australian Government, the Crown Resorts Foundation and the Packer Family Foundation and the Tony Foundation.


The Solid Ground Program Manager works with the Director, First Nations Programs and is responsible for the development, planning and implementation of the Solid Ground Program. This position is supported by Carriageworks and Blacktown Arts. This is an identified Aboriginal location. This initiative is supported by the Australian Government, the Crown Resorts Foundation and the Packer Family Foundation and the Tony Foundation.n.


  • Manage the overall operational, budgetary and human resources responsibilities and activities of the Solid Ground program.
  • Design and implement personalized learning programs spanning tertiary and in-service opportunities for Solid Ground participants.
  • Develop and administer tertiary competency-based training programs with three tertiary institutions.
  • Oversee the secondary school’s artist-in-residence programs (currently three in Western Sydney and one in Redfern).
  • Coordinate and manage the Artist in Schools residency program at Alexandria Park Community School.
  • Coordinate and manage the Solid Ground Paid Internship Program (target: 10-12 internships per year).
  • Work with the Director, First Nations programs, and the First Nations program team to ensure Solid Ground participants are involved in the development of projects.
  • Oversee and ensure that an effective evaluation process is maintained within the Solid Ground program.
  • Work with the Blacktown Council Aboriginal Advisory Committee and the Carriageworks First Nations Advisory Committee to ensure work is relevant to and engages with First Nations communities.
  • Work with the Carriageworks and Blacktown Art teams to develop innovative ideas, processes and practices that improve project outcomes.
  • Assisting with philanthropic, partnership and reporting applications.
  • Oversee Studio Solid Ground as part of Carriageworks’ clothing store artist-in-residence workshop program.
  • Execute project plans to deliver projects on time and on budget.
  • Maintaining a high level of customer service for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Get involved as an active member of the contemporary art community.
  • Ensure organizational values ​​are adhered to.
  • Work with an awareness and commitment to all workplace health and safety policies, procedures and practices.
  • Other tasks as needed as needed.


  • University degree in education or related discipline and/or extensive professional experience
  • Proven success in delivering arts-based programs
  • Professional experience in education and arts
  • Strong mentoring skills
  • Experience in managing partnerships
  • Flexible approach to work location, including the ability to work from Carriageworks but make regular visits to Blacktown locations
  • Flexible working hours including the ability to work evenings and weekends


USE:Please email Solid Ground Program Manager for a job description and instructions on how to apply for the position.

application deadline: Friday, April 29, 2022

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