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2022 came with a blockbuster-level start when it comes to new anime releases, with heavyweights like attack on Titan season 4, Demon Hunter Season 2 and the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Theatrical film all coming out within the first quarter of the year. But the rest of the year is still shaping up to be a tight year with what’s to come in TV and film, and feels similar to how big the 2019 and 2020 anime seasons were.

This genre has never been as internationally rooted in the mainstream as it is with well-known franchise companies dragon ball, One pieceand My hero academy all slated for the return will ensure fans have plenty of anime to munch on throughout the year.

Dragon Ball Super: Superhero

Series creator Akira Toriyama dragon ball Franchises have long been a staple of anime around the world DBZ especially one of the series of choice when the genre as a whole hadn’t yet reached the mainstream peak we’re seeing now. Dragon Ball great was the first canonical TV sequel of Zand while the show has fallen short compared to the manga, it seems the movies will carry it into the future.

Broly was a worldwide success, and this year’s superhero appears to be another nostalgia trip by incorporating the original 1980s series’ villain group, the Red Ribbon Army. And too much fan joy, it seems superhero will give Piccolo and Gohan a lot of respect and attention.

Dragon Ball Super: SuperheroThe April release has stalled, but should release later this year.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2

Jolyne Cujoh and the main cast of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

The colorfully bombastic anime adaptation by Hirohiko Araki JoJo’s bizarre adventure Manga lived up to its wonderfully colorful reputation – and title. the latest season, Rocky OceanSo far she hasn’t disappointed. The only thing that seems to disappoint fans is the painfully sporadic “batch” releases of episodes as opposed to weekly, as they’ve only had the first 12 episodes since December 2021.

Despite this, the second batch of Rocky Ocean Episodes has a fall release date, allowing fans to continue Jolyne Cujoh’s stylish prison-break adventures and colorful violent exploits to save her father, Jotaro.

The second part (episodes 13-24) of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean will be released on Netflix.

chainsaw man

Denji in his chainsaw devil form in the Chainsaw Man anime commercial art

MAPPA has been working on some serious animation magic with her work attack on Titan season 4, Jujutsu Kaisen, Jujutsu Kaisen 0, and more, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to slow down any time soon. Tatsuki Fujimoto is ultra-violent and surprisingly – and darkly – introspective chainsaw man The manga was completed less than two years ago, and its recognition garnered a continuation of the manga series and MAPPA’s commitment to animate the first.

The series is almost as ridiculous as the name sounds, but it’s relentless in how willing it is to explore the abyss of depression and loneliness. Filled with a thoroughly compelling cast of characters with depth to match, fans should look forward to an equally action-packed and emotionally heartbreaking story that is refreshingly different from most other Shonen series.

chainsaw man is set to premiere sometime in 2022.

My hero academia season 6

Close-up of Deku using his Quirk in the My Hero Academia Season 6 promotional art

Regarding equivalents, My hero academy maybe the closest thing to that Naruto achieved in the 2000s and early 2010s. Kohei Horikoshi’s manga and Studio Bones’ subsequent anime adaptation easily won the following of Shonen fans, with the colorful superhero adventures of Deku and the rest of Class 1-A fitting easily with current pop culture trends.

While it didn’t get the same warm welcome as previous seasons, Season 5 put massive bets on the upcoming sixth as the hero cast is about to be hit by a Paranormal Liberation Front war.

My hero academy Season 6 starts in October.

One Piece: Red

Split image of Luffy in his new outfit and the original character for One Piece: Red

The last true survivor of the “Big Three” era – One piece, Narutoand bleaching – is still going strong in this new decade. Eiichiro Oda’s critically acclaimed pirate odyssey is one of the greatest in the shonen genre, as the series has repeatedly demonstrated its enduring qualities of long storytelling and excruciating attention to detail when it comes to character arcs, lore, and world building goes.

Despite Oda’s involvement in the films, they were all considered non-canon for the series. However, One Piece: Red There is speculation that this could be the first Canon film. Marketing has hyped Luffy’s mentor and franchise icon Red-Haired Shanks along with a new protagonist.

One Piece: Red opens in Japanese theaters on August 6th, the rest of the world TBA.

Vinland saga season 2

An exhausted Thorfinn stretching out with a cloudy sky overhead in Vinland Saga Season 2 promotional art

Makoto Yukimura’s Viking Epic Vinland saga could be argued that he is on par with that of the late Kentaro Miura berserk and Tekehiko Inoues rover for the greatest manga of all time, and the 2019 anime adaptation gave it a well-deserved share of the spotlight.

In terms of story and premise, it conforms more to the latter than historical fiction, but tells a compelling and emotionally resonant tale of revenge, learning to let go of the past, and what it means to achieve peace in a land and time steeped in barbarism. Thorfinn underwent traumatic character development in Season 1, and Season 2 will adapt one of the most self-reflective storylines for the troubled young man.

Vinland saga Season 2 doesn’t have a firm release date, but speculation is that it will premiere sometime this year, with Season 1 available on Amazon Prime Video.

Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War

Ichigo wields his sword in Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War promo art

After being shelved for several years, another member of the “Big Three” days of manga/anime will finally get a chance to finish his story on screen. Tite Kubo’s supernatural action shonen bleaching began to fizzle out towards the final stretch of its anime run, especially after the spread Arrancar Arc and climatic Aizen fight that was interrupted before he could adjust the final arc of the manga.

The arch is controversial among die-hard fans, but the prospect of it is sure to excite many bleaching Anime finally gets a proper conclusion, with Studio Pierrot leading the way in animation.

Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War Premieres in October.

Mob psycho 100 season 3

Mob Psycho 100 promo art featuring a round dance and a mob on a neon blue background

Although primarily known for the popular satirical superhero manga One punch manones Mob Psycho 100 seems to be in the same league. The manga is already finished, but only two anime seasons have been adapted. Thankfully, this story is both well-written and concise, so the upcoming and much-anticipated third season should complete the story.

Both seasons have been expertly adapted, with 2 in particular being considered by the fan community to be one of the best anime ever produced. Aside from the extraordinary action sequences, Mob Psycho 100 is also a truly touching coming-of-age story that explores themes of the harm that suppressed emotions can do, while worthy of every heartfelt moment while using comedic elements.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 is speculated to premiere sometime in 2022.

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