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CLARKSVILLE, TN – The College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at Austin Peay State University will host an event on April 22 to showcase student work to regional industry partners.

The event, titled The Innovation Experience, will feature 16 exhibitions featuring final projects by students highlighting their work in solving real-world problems such as: B. helping seniors sort pills or improving tire manufacturing.

“The Innovation Experience allows our students to showcase the hard work they have done with industry partners on real-world applications,” said Dr. Karen Meisch, Dean of the College of STEM. “We would be delighted if our industrial partners would see what our students can achieve.”

Attendees include industry partners and representatives from the Clarksville-Montgomery County Industrial Development Board and Clarksville-Montgomery Economic Development Council. Following the student exhibits, the event will culminate with an awards reception, including the announcement of the inaugural Innovation Experience Business Collaborator Award winner: Florim USA, Inc.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the efforts of some of our most inventive students during this event,” said APSU President Mike Licari. “Your suggestions are sure to be both impressive and inspiring, and we appreciate these community organizations for their participation. This experience will be rewarding for both our future graduates and local industry professionals.”

present student work

dr Russ Longhurst, a professor in the Department of Physics, Engineering and Astronomy, said The Innovation Experience gives students the opportunity to show their work outside of the classroom while also giving them the opportunity to network with regional employers.

“To complete these projects, the students applied the knowledge they learned, as well as the skills and talents they developed during their time at Austin Peay,” he said. “The students have immersed themselves in these projects and are very proud of their work.”

Students from four departments – computer science and information technology; mathematics and statistics; engineering sciences; and Physics, Engineering and Astronomy – in the College of STEM will be presenting at The Innovation Experience.

In one project, an automotive parts manufacturer, Aludyne, challenged Longhurst students to find a more efficient way to recycle magnesium scrap generated by the manufacturing process.

The students – Jack Svonovec, Lance Reist-Schneider and Caleb Wood – needed to use existing equipment and reuse some of the facility’s waste energy while being safe and inexpensive.

In their presentation titled “Design of a Magnesium Recycling Process: Bypassing the Ingot”, Svonovec, Reist-Schneider and Wood explain how by recycling magnesium scrap on-site, Aludyne could reduce logistics costs while losing less magnesium.

“We recognize the unique opportunity we have to work with local industry to provide students with these opportunities,” Meisch said. “And we’ve made it a priority to expand those opportunities.”

Business Collaborator Award Winner: Florida USA

The Innovation Experience Business Collaborator Award recognizes companies or professionals in the STEM field who also support the APSU College of STEM.

As part of their successful relationship with the APSU College of STEM, Florim USA, Inc. has worked with faculty and students on real-world projects that help them better prepare to enter the workforce.

Florim has also generously provided scholarships in three of Austin Peay’s STEM departments over the past 15 years. These grants have helped more than 40 students graduate and gain employment.

In December, Licari, Meisch and other Austin Peay executives met with Florim USA President Antonio Albanese at the company’s Clarksville facility and discussed ways to strengthen the partnership going forward.

“I am grateful for the support Florim USA has given the university and look forward to taking our partnership to the next level, including developing internships and other opportunities to connect Austin Peay students with great careers,” said Licari during the visit.

Anyone interested in collaborating with STEM students at the college can contact Meisch at

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