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spoilers for My hero academy Chapter 350

With My hero academy It feels like it’s “endgame now,” and there are some pretty significant battles taking place with each new chapter. Currently, Shoto is preparing to face Dabi, who he now knows is his older brother, Toya. It’s bound to be an emotional battle as Dabi is determined to get revenge on his family and Shoto is caught in the middle of a feud that isn’t his fault.

Building the Todoroki family mess has been a part of the series for a long time, and we’ve received parts of the story from a variety of perspectives. The big secret wasn’t revealed until the late 200’s of manga chapters, and now that it’s out, Dabi is ready to go.

As we first (not) found out from Dabi

My hero academy

When the Todoroki family was discussed, it was often from the perspective of Shoto and his father, Endeavor. We occasionally got some from Shoto’s other siblings (Fuyumi and Natsuo), and even Shoto’s mother, Rei, got a chance to contribute after everyone found out the truth about Dabi.

The interesting thing about Dabi is that the fandom found out years ago that he is a Todoroki! That was THE big fandom theory of the show, and it turns out the fandom was right! Dabi is Toya Todoroki, Endeavor’s son, whom everyone assumed was dead.

That doesn’t mean it was immediately confirmed. If anything, it felt like Horikoshi was taking the time to let us know who Dabi really was. There would be moments in the series where we would learn about other members of the League of Villains, but Daby would be left out in these “flashbacks of a character’s past”. That or his speech bubble was blacked out so we couldn’t see what he was saying. Brilliant? Yes. Big joke? Also yes! But eventually we would learn the truth – in separate pieces, of course.

Dabi’s dance

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Dabi is undeniably that slut. It’s not like he quietly told Endeavor who he was, he literally paused every regularly scheduled TV program to broadcast the news! Anyone can find out who Dabi is, they also learn about Endeavor’s abuse of his family – something we saw through Shoto, but not something everyone else was aware of.

After that, we learn what happened to Toya… partially. Knowing that Endeavor put too much pressure on his children, Toya was predictably willing to continue Endeavor’s ambitions of becoming the number one hero and surpassing All Might. Unfortunately, the fire of his Quirk was too hot for him, and further training and overusing it would seriously damage his body. Instead of expressing genuine concern for his son (because this is Endeavor In front he began to change), he considered him a failure.

This annoys Toya because of course it does, especially when Endeavor turns its ambitions towards Shoto, who appears to be the “perfect” child he’s longed for. Toya leaves home trying to prove he can handle his Quirk so he can grant Endeavor’s wishes, but the Force overwhelms him.

Revenge is a damn good drug

My hero academy

In this latest chapter we find out what happened next when Dabi decides to tell his little brother Shoto how he became Dabi. He was picked up by the doctor and taken to an orphanage and had been unconscious for three years. The real heartbreak is that as soon as Toya woke up, he wanted to go home because he thought his father was worried about him. He is soon told that his body had to be restored because he was so burned and that he will never be able to “show the strength you once had”.

Toya is offered a chance to be raised by the Doctor, but refuses to be trained as Endeavor by anyone else. He burns down the orphanage and we learn from the doctor that he (and the children at the orphanage) were meant to be backup should things not work out with Shigaraki. Now considered a failure (again), we learn that the doctor actually decided it would be best to let Daby walk alone.

Daby is basically alive because of the resentment he now has towards Endeavor. Unbeknownst to Endeavor, Dabi returned home only to find that everyone had moved on without him and Endeavor had put all his efforts into Shoto. Daby was supposed to be dead, but as the doctor said, “He had bound his dying body to this world by a pure, blazing resentment.” Daby is actually perfectly fine with dying, but not before taking away everything Endeavor holds dear and is expensive.

What’s most interesting to me is that this is yet another example of a villain who might have had a happy ending if his parents had actually supported him. Shigaraki had a terrible father and All For One came at just the right time. The same goes for Dabi, even if Dabi didn’t do it fully joins All For One and the doctor and is there only to satiate his desire for revenge. Still, things might have turned out differently had Endeavor been a better parent, and that’s what Endeavor will live with for the rest of his life – he’s well aware of that.

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