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It’s the funniest time of the semester at Syracuse University – registration time for classes. Daily Orange Culture section has found trending TikTok sounds to give you some quality suggestions for teaching.

i’m just a baby

HFS 202 – Child Development
If you resonate with this defiant child who is arguing with their mother, you might be interested in learning why the argument happened in the first place. HFS 202 teaches you about the impact of biological and experiential factors on a child’s life and how external and internal family relationships affect a child.

EXE 385 – Motor behavior over the service life
Curious how the “I’m just a baby!” child used their motor skills during the video? EXE 385 looks at how and why humans develop motor skills and the psychological and physiological processes that go into this development.

SOC 281 – Sociology of Families
Learn about the different types of families – including families similar to the one in this TikTok. The teaching material looks at how the family as a social structure is linked to other social structures at home and abroad. After this course you won’t feel like a baby!


Probably shit

LIN 201 – The Nature and Study of Language
Want to learn more about why Miranda Cosgrove said her favorite swear word was “probably shit”? LIN 201 may be the class that gives you the best chance of finding out why. This course deals with topics of phonetics, grammatical description, meaning and language learning and teaches you the ins and outs of the language.

ENG 325 – History and Varieties of English
If you are curious how long people have been saying f*ck and what the English language was like in the past, add ENG 325 to your MySlice cart. This course explores English language issues, including linguistic heterogeneity over time and the history of English.

DEU 105 – Introduction to creative writing
Would you like to learn how to use your words effectively and in a fun way like Miranda Cosgrove? Try creative writing with ENG 105, where you will learn about poetry, fiction, and mixed literary forms and how to use them to your advantage.


material girl

FAS 120 – Fashion Skills and Techniques I
Would you like to learn how to design clothes for Material Girls? FAS 120 is the course for you. Students learn introductory apparel construction techniques and assembly methods essential to the fashion industry. Put away your credit card and learn sewing and sewing next semester.

DES 267 – Textiles for designers
If you want to be a Material Girl, learn about materials! DES 267 is a good starting point as students learn the basics of constructing fabrics for use in designs, including various common textile fibers.

FAS 335: History of Fashion Design I
Learn about the original fabrics worn by girls throughout history with FAS 335. Students learn about fashion from antiquity to the 18th century and learn how historical details reappear in modern design.


A fun fact about me is that I’ve never been relaxed

ECS 101 – Introduction to Engineering and Computer Science
Engineering and computer science might not be the definition of stress-free, but this introductory course is a relaxed way to start understanding the subject. ECS 101 gives you the fundamentals of an engineering or computer science degree, including computer language, modeling, and data analysis.

MAT 295 – calculus 1
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the most difficult form of mathematics – calculus! Explore analytic geometry, limits, derivatives, differentials, integration and more while also discovering how you function on three hours of sleep.

CHE 275 – Organic Chemistry I
If you’re taking CHE 275 next semester, chances are you’re a biology or STEM major, which is inherently difficult. This course is important and engaging because it will teach you fun facts about carbon compounds and organic reactions, but you will not be relaxed in this course. je.


‘How it was’

HST 122 – Global History 1750 to the Present
Harry Styles shows his love for history through his new song “As It Was” and now that you know he loves history you probably want to study it too. Take this course to learn about the interactions and exchanges that took place in Africa, North America, the Caribbean, and other regions around the world.

ANT 141 – Introduction to Archeology and Prehistory
ANT 141 goes even further back than 1750 and deals with the beginnings of mankind. Rather than comparing images of yourself from years past, take this course to gain a practical understanding of how early people and societies compare to today.

SOC 364 – Aging and Society
In this world, as Harry said, there is only us. Through SOC 364, delve into the reality of aging and how US policy on intergenerational equity and treatment is managed. Whether we think about it or not, we all age. In this course we can analyze what problems exist in elderly care and what society can do to improve these conditions.


Show me something you’ve spent way too much money on, but don’t regret it at all because it’s sick as hell

FST 422 – wine and beer enjoyment
If you want to make the most of your time at SU, taking FST 422 is one of the best ways to do so. Students as young as 21 can learn about wine types, varieties, terminology, labeling and regulations. You will also learn about food and wine pairing.

VIS 207 – Introduction to Graphic Design
Whether it’s editing photos, drawing illustrations, or creating magazines, graphic design can be a useful tool to keep in your pocket when you crave creativity. As you complete VIS 207, you’ll learn about programs like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop—programs that you as a student can use for free thanks to paying those expensive SU tuition fees. And at the end of the semester, you can say you made your own faux magazine.


You will surf subway

ENG 156 – Interpretation of games
This remix of Playboi Carti’s They Tryna Be Cray features sounds from the popular mobile game Subway Surfers, making it a treat for gamers around the world. If you are looking for a course that both meets a writing-intensive core requirement and dives into a subject as interesting as gaming, ENG 156 is for you. The course examines the history of games, from traditional board games to modern video games, and critically examines these titles as cultural texts.

CAR 101 – Introduction to 3D Animation and Visual Effects
Why try to be subway surfing when you can try it instead? For those who prefer to create video games, add CAR 101 to your cart. 3D animation is also useful for aspiring film animators, VFX artists, or Pixar hopefuls who want to start honing some basic skills like shading and modeling.

CAR 230 – Themes in computer games
If you’ve already looked at some courses in the computer arts department, you might want to see how your knowledge translates to game development. CAR 230 covers a range of gaming topics including homegrown alternative game controllers for existing games and pervasive gaming.

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