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dragon ball is one of the most popular manga and anime series in the world and played a huge role in popularizing anime in the west. Its popularity has endured even after more than two decades, leading to the creation of Dragon Ball great, a sequel series that follows the events of the original manga. While the series doesn’t quite live up to the legacy of the original series, it was a huge success and the fanbase has continued to follow the manga even after the anime’s first season ended.


During a season 2 of Dragon Ball great is yet to be announced, fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the new series, and hints from Toei Animation suggest it may be in the works. While it’s not certain when the series will come back, those who have read the manga have a pretty good idea of ​​what storylines it will cover. There’s a lot of new content and storylines that Season 2 could cover, and the longer it runs, the more excited fans will be about an adaptation.

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Season 1 recap

Dragon Ball Super Goku after achieving Ultra Instinct

The first season of Dragon Ball great begins with Goku and his friends meeting with the god of destruction Beerus and his angelic servant Whis. This meeting became the catalyst for Goku and Vegeta’s entry into the realm of the gods, taking them on adventures into parallel worlds and alternate timelines. In addition, when the two Saiyans began training under the tutelage of Whis, they received divine powers in the form of the Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue forms. This allowed them to rise even higher as warriors.

Season 1 finally culminated in the Universe Survival Arc, which featured eight of the twelve parallel worlds that make up the dragon ball Universe fought to ensure the survival of their universe. After a massive battle royale involving eighty different fighters, Goku’s universe 7 ended up winning, although most of the destroyed universes were eventually restored. The series ended on a high note as the battle between Universe 7 and the mighty Jiren came to an end.

The new storylines

Goku vs Moro in the manga

The manga and anime started running around the same time and generally covered the same storylines, although there were some differences between the two versions. Now, however, the manga has not only progressed beyond the anime, but has also evolved into brand new storylines that have yet to be animated. The first arc after the Universe Survival arc is the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, in which Goku and Vegeta are enlisted by the Galactic Patrol for their help in stopping the evil Moro, who has the terrible power to steal planetary life force.

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After defeating Moro comes Granolah the Survivor Arc. Granolah is a cereal whose home planet was destroyed by Saiyans under the command of Frieza. Upon hearing of Frieza’s resurrection, Granolah swears revenge once again and wishes for the Dragon Balls to become the greatest warriors in the universe. Granolah is tricked into messing with Goku and Vegeta by his employers, the Heeters. This arc is currently ongoing in the manga and shows no signs of ending anytime soon. While the manga has only covered two arcs so far, these arcs are long and will definitely add a lot of content to the anime once it goes back on the air. Since Season 1, the movies have been covered battle of the gods and resurrection fit’s possible that a Season 2 would cover both Broly movie and the coming ones superhero Movie. That’s not guaranteed, though, and most fans would prefer Toei not go that route with the new season.

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The growth of Goku and Vegeta

Vegeta in Ultra Ego form

In Season 1, Goku and Vegeta have improved by leaps and bounds compared to their original Dragon Ball Z Versions thanks to the training offered by Whis. The Universe Survival Arc also provided Goku with the ability to gain powers outside of the Super Saiyan transformation. This was the highly-anticipated Ultra Instinct form, which not only increased Goku’s fighting abilities, but also allowed him to react almost instinctively and dodge the opponent’s attacks. This transformation makes Goku one of the strongest characters in the world dragon ball universe at the end Dragon Ball great.

While Goku does not immediately retain the ability to voluntarily enter Ultra Instinct, the manga shows Goku slowly mastering this incredible ability. In addition, Vegeta can gain a unique transformation ability in Ultra Ego, which he gains while training with Beerus. The form allows Vegeta to gain more power based on how much damage he has taken. While these new powers and forms already look great in the manga, anime fans can’t wait to see these transformations in animated form. Season 2 of Dragon Ball great is sure to be loads of fun, and while it probably won’t be out any time soon, fans are eagerly awaiting its return.

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