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The 2010s was a great decade for animation and is home to many classic shows that will go down in history. It’s fascinating to see how the animation scene has evolved and what trends have been popular over the years. IMDb’s scoring for these shows is a pretty fun way to look at it.

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IMDb is by no means representative of the whole, but their demographics typically lean toward people who enjoy discussing shows at length. From crazy western toons like adventure time to gritty violent shows like attack on Titanthe 2010s seems to be an all-time in animation history.


Adventure Time (2010) – 8.7

Adventure Time characters

adventure time started the decade with a math bang and would go on to influence the rest of the decade for western animation. Thanks to Adventure Time, the western shows of the 2010s favored shows with a witty sense of humor and subtle dark undertones.

Created by Pendleton Ward, his experience at work The Misadventures of Flapjack is clear as day to see in the spirit of the show. Many of them have a charmingly unsettling quality adventure time‘s episodes, and that mix of funny sentiments has kept fans entertained for a full 10 seasons.

Hunter x Hunter (2011) – 9.0

Hunter x Hunter cover with all main characters

One of the most popular shonen anime of all time, Hunter X Hunter easily tops the 2011 leaderboard thanks to its fun cast of characters, compelling variety of storylines, and overall improvement in source material. Although the manga has been slowed to a crawl, the anime manages to end on a relatively satisfying cliffhanger.

Hunter X Hunter was not the first adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga. An anime was made for the series as early as 1999, and Togashi himself wrote for the series’ fill-in episodes, a rarity for these productions. For shounen fans, Hunter X Hunter should be at the top of your must-watch list.

Gravity Falls (2012) – 8.9

Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls are terrified

If adventure time So set the tone for Cartoon Network’s shows for the 2010s gravity falls did the same for Disney. Opt for a more straightforward “Secret of the Week” narrative on a continuous timeline, gravity falls was one of the biggest hits in Disney Channel history. The show’s clever writing, genuinely intriguing mystery elements, and quirky sense of humor made for great television viewing.

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Alex Hirsch, the showrunner of gravity fallsworked on it too The Misadventures of Flapjack next to Pendleton Ward. So for cartoon fans who want to thank the 2010s for the sudden boom of hilarious cartoons with a darker edge, they can thank Flapjack and his crew.

Attack on Titan (2013) – 9.1

The anime that made anime fans say, “I can show this to my non-anime friends!”, attack on Titan stormed into the year with its supremely dark premise, shocking audiences worldwide with its brutal storytelling. attack on Titan is to thank for the fact that many people have converted to the medium.

The show was on summit from “everyone can die” shows such as the Walking Dead and game of Thrones to be popular, so it’s no shock that anime would have its answer to this trend. For some macabre reason, people like to be scared of their characters suddenly dying in a horrible way.

Bojack Riders (2014) – 8.8

Bojack riders in the planetarium

Probably the most unique year of the 2010s for that alone brought 2014 viewer numbers Bojack rider, a seemingly normal adult comedy that slowly turned into a deep dive into the long-term effects of childhood trauma and the negative aspects of Hollywood as a whole. Where every other year involves a fun adventure or intense action, Bojack rider indicates alcoholism.

Bojack rider is a testament to the diversity of stories that can be told through animation. While many would view animation as a vehicle for spectacular visuals (rightly so), there’s also room for deep character drama, something Bojack does as he continues to hurt more and more of the people who care for him.

One Punch Man (2015) – 8.8

One Punch Man heroes

One punch man continues the dominance of shonen anime on the users of IMDb 2010s users, and this time it’s a bit different. During Hunter X Hunter (and other shonen anime for years to come) would play the genre’s conventions fairly directly, One punch man (or at least the first season) is an affectionate parody of the tropes present in Shonen works.

Many spectators were attracted One punch man because of the absurd premise. It’s not every day that a show is so honest about its premise in the title alone and gives viewers exactly that. What was even more shocking was that even though the main character was able to easily end most of the conflicts, it was still entertaining.

My Hero Academy (2016) – 8.5

My Hero Academia Volume 1 Cover Art

If One punch man was a satire of the genre, My hero academy is about as easy as a shonen as you can get. The story focuses on a young man who wants to become the greatest hero of all time, which is the plot of 99% of shonen anime since the beginning of time. Still, what ain’t broken doesn’t need fixing, and audiences certainly didn’t mind.

While it’s a simple shonen, My hero academy has undeniable western influences that are attracting non-anime fans to make this their first show. My hero academy is a world where the X-Men are not an oppressed minority, so this is already a big draw for people who’ve always wanted a fun non-X-Men school fight anime.

Castlevania (2017) – 8.3

Often mistaken for anime, Castlevania is undeniably spearheaded by western creators. That, of course, has an asterisk, because almost all animations are outsourced at one point or another, and Castlevania is no different. Still, its blood runs deeper with Western influences than with Japanese animation.

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Based on the hit video game franchise of the same name, Castlevania While it’s commendable for many things, like the fantastic action scenes, the compelling narrative, and the intriguing characters, it should be commended most for being a video game adaptation that doesn’t suck. Castlevania gave audiences a taste of what a good video game adaptation should be like. Something arcane would do it again a few years later.

Last Room (2018) – 8.3

last space all main characters

A rather surprising entry considering how tepid the series was received when it first came out. last room is an adult comedy-drama series that follows Gary Goodspeed, a futuristic astronaut on the last leg of his sentence. The show initially received a lot of backlash because of the main character’s incredibly unnerving voice and personality.

However, the star power in the cast (David Tenant, Ron Perlman, and Steven Yeun, for starters), legitimately compelling storyline, and strong character development softened people’s hearts for the series, and it soon became a low-key hit. If audiences can get through the admittedly bumpy first leg, they may get some amazing episodes out of it last room‘s Space Opera goodness.

Demon Slayer (2019) – 8.8

Demon Slayer with all main characters

Demon Hunter closes the year by cementing Shonen Anime as the undisputed winners of the decade. Through these we see a slight discrepancy with what IMDb users from the East and West enjoy. Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Bojack Horseman, Castlevania, and last room are all incredibly different in style and history.

However, the best anime of the 2010s is heavily skewed towards shonen anime, at least as far as the majority of IMDb users are concerned. One explanation could be that Japan is simple much better in the consistent release of action anime, and this is where viewers are looking for that solution. In view of Demon Hunter ranks as one of the best looking action shows of all time, that’s a pretty good guess.

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