The best acrylic paints of 2022 – 71Bait

The best acrylic paints can be a great choice for many artists. Acrylic paints are water-based paints that use acrylic polymers to bind pigments. They dry faster than oil paints and don’t require solvents, making them a practical option that’s quick to set up and easier to work with. They are also very versatile and perform well on a variety of surfaces. And they’re suitable for artwork of any size: the best acrylics make it easy to paint precise details on smaller pieces, while many ranges offer common colors in larger tubes, making them suitable for large pieces.

But what to choose? That’s where this guide comes in, offering our picks of the best acrylic paints for artists, from students to professionals. Acrylic paints come in a variety of forms: the most common are heavy body, soft body, which are more fluid, and acrylic ink. This guide covers the best thick build acrylic paints, as these thick build paints work well for most purposes.

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