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Solo leveling Manga written by Chugong is an exciting webtoon based on the novel “I alone level up.” Its popularity skyrocketed after the novel’s manga adaptation in 2016, with flashy character and story designs and a solid plot. There’s even talk of this popular webtoon getting an anime adaptation.

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The plot of Solo leveling revolves around Sung Jin-woo, who unknowingly acquires a power-up system that grants him powerful superhuman abilities after completing assigned missions. Sung Jin-woo, who used to be a despised E-rank hunter, gained tremendous skills and even surpassed S-rank hunters. However, his unique power-up does not leave him unscathed and he soon encounters powerful opponents. There are many strong characters Solo levelingsome powerful enough to destroy worlds.

10 Iron body monarch

Monarch of Iron Body appears to be planning

The Iron Body Monarch, king of the monstrous humanoids, is one of the strongest characters in Solo leveling. In the Japan Crisis Arc, Solo leveling introduced the monarch to readers, where he and the Beast Monarch killed Chris, the third most powerful hunter in the United States, and mutilated his corpse. This monarch is one of the few characters who can use Erasure, an ability that erases one’s existence from the universe.

Despite possessing great strength, he tried to dissuade the Frost Monarch from attacking Sung Jin-woo, the Shadow Monarch, due to his powerful abilities. In the manga, the Iron Body Monarch possessed the Spiritual Body Manifestation ability, which allows him to transform into a monstrous-looking golem. The Iron Body Monarch attempted to use his manifestation ability to subdue Beru, Sung Jin-woo’s servant, Thomas, a famous hunter, and Bellion. However, he failed and was defeated by the trio.


Spiritual body manifestation, telepathy, superhuman strength and annihilation.


9 Monarch of the Beginning

the monarch of the beginning is restrained

The monarch of the beginnings, Legia, also referred to as the king of the giants, is another powerful character in Solo leveling. One of this character’s strengths is his immense physical strength. At some point in the manga, despite his reticence, the monarch managed to prove his extraordinary strength.

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Beginning Monarch makes up for its lack of vital mana with its Wind Pressure ability, which allows it to create and manipulate Wind Pressure. The monarch also possessed magical abilities that gave him the power to learn the truth from his opponents; it was impossible to lie to this powerful monarch.


Tremendous strength, super speed, and Pledge of Faith (an ability to tell the truth).

8th bellion

bellion stands majestically

Bellion is revered as the strongest shadow in existence, serving Ashborn, the shadow monarch. He was also the Grand Marshal of Ashborn’s military might. Bellion proved that the title bestowed on him was not for show during the battle with Sung-Jin Woo against some of the monarchs who were powerful beings.

One of the reasons for Bellion’s immense strength is that, much like the celestial beings, Bellion was born from the World Tree. Bellion also showed his strength during his fight with Beru, where he performed a punch intended to slightly injure his head.


Instant regeneration, colossal strength, super speed, and high durability.

7 Sung II Hwan

Sung II Hwan is about to attack his opponent

Sung IL-Hwan is the father of Sung Jin-Woo, proving fighting strength runs in her family. With full, long, and messy hair and eyes that light up whenever he uses his ability, Sung IL-Hwan emerges as a ruler’s vessel. The Seven Lords were responsible for killing the Ultimate, the god of solo leveling universe, proving they were an impressive group.

Consequently, Sung IL-Hwan to be a vessel for one of these beings is a testament to his strength. Despite his mighty exploits, Sung IL-Hwan has a fatal weakness: his vulnerability to mana attacks. Despite this fatal weakness, he managed to fight the Frost Monarch and contain him so that Sung Jin-woo could recover.


Stealth (invisibility), telekinesis, tremendous strength, and spiritual body manifestation.

6 Monarch of Beast Fangs

Monarch of the beast teeth in his human and animal forms

The Monarch of the Beastly Fangs, also known as the King of Beasts, is among the strongest of the powerful monarchs. His brute strength was shown in his clash with Thomas Andre, America’s Strongest Hunter, where he managed to overpower him despite his reluctance.RELATED: Best Anime Based on Manhwa

In the manga, his mere presence was enough to strike fear into the hearts of powerful hunters. His main abilities focus on his strength, so he rarely uses mana-based attacks. Despite his mighty strength, however, the monarch is a coward who flees when faced with a stronger opponent.


Colossal strength, spiritual body manifestation, rapid regeneration, tremendous speed, and telekinesis.

5 Frost monarch

the Frost Monarch who exudes a malevolent aura

The Monarch of Frost is another powerful monarch among the upper ranks in terms of power. Alternatively known as the King of the Snowfolk, the Monarch is an ice elf who uses ice-based abilities and relies on ice magic. Consequently, he creates and manipulates ice golems to do his bidding.

The monarch’s abilities mainly come from crafting ice-based weapons like ice arrows and spears. He also has the ability to freeze other powerful beings by enclosing them in solid ice that forms when the temperature falls below zero.


Ice Magic, Sleep Stimulus, Spiritual Body Manifestation, Super Strength, Super Speed, and Gate Creation.

4 Monarch of Destruction

Antares fires his dragon's breath

This monarch of destruction, Antares, lives up to his title; a harbinger of destruction and chaos. As the Dragon King, his spiritual manifestation ability allows him to transform into a monstrous red dragon, surpassing even Kamish. One of his unique abilities is Fear of Dragons, which instills fear in opponents who are not as powerful as he is.

The Monarch of Destruction was Sung Jin-woo’s last opponent in Solo leveling, and he managed to fight on par with Jin-woo. Antares’ Breath of Destruction is another powerful ability that completely obliterates his opponent.


Fear of dragons, breath of destruction, spatial manipulation, colossal strength, tremendous speed, telepathy and spiritual body manifestation.

3 Monarch of Shadows

    the monarch of the shadow apparition in soli leveling

The monarch of shadows, also known as Ashborn, has a very interesting story to tell Solo leveling. Originally he belonged to the Seven Lords, known as the Greatest Fragment of Radiant Light. However, he betrayed the rulers and ironically became the monarch of the “shadows”. Undoubtedly, the Monarch of Shadows is among the most powerful characters in manga.

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With his ruler ability, he transfers his powers to others, which he does on Sung Jin-woo. However, his Monarch skills are mostly Shadow Extraction, and he can empower his Shadow minions.


Shadow Extraction, Immense Strength, Ruler’s Authority, Shadow Exchange, Monarch’s Domain, and Empowerment.

2 Sung Jin Woo

Sung Jin-woo launches an attack

Sung Jin-woo is the protagonist of Solo Leveling. By the end of the manga, he was undoubtedly the strongest monarch and hunter. With millions of soldiers under his command, Sung Jin-woo possesses limitless mana and a very powerful ability: damage reduction. Damage reduction reduces all attacks aimed at Sung Jin-woo by 50 percent.

Sung Jin-woo possesses time causality, meaning he transcends the concept of time and makes him immortal. Among his many other powerful abilities, his considerable attack power, speed, and regeneration easily place him among the strongest characters in Solo leveling.


Shadow Exchange, Shadow Extraction, Acausality, Annihilation, Ruler’s Authority, Monarch’s Domain, Stealth, Detox, Bloodthirst, Tremendous Speed, Colossal Strength, Shadow Preservation, High Durability, Dominator’s Touch (High Level Telekinesis), among others.

1 The absolute being

the absolute being seated on his throne in one image and impaled in the other

At first glance, you might think that Sung Jin-woo is the strongest character in solo leveling, but he’s not; is the absolute being. The Absolute Being is the creator of solo leveling Universe. Of course, he possesses the ability to create life from nothing and is responsible for the creation of rulers and monarchs.

Despite his divine nature, he is portrayed as cruel because, for his amusement, he allows rulers to constantly fight the monarchs. The absolute being is the apex of being solo leveling universe, but he was killed by the Seven Lords – proof that none of them had the power to stand against him unaided.


Ability to create life, omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence.

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