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While most anime shows are based on a manga or light novel, anime originals stand out with hits like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Code Geass. although Carol & Tuesday Didn’t achieve the same widespread popularity, its first premiere garnered a large audience by offering a uniquely complicated world in a futuristic setting and likable female protagonists.

This drama sci-fi series not only revolves around the healthy friendship between the two main characters, but is also an artful declaration of love to music. The expressiveness and joy that music brings is essential for many and Carol & Tuesday shows that kind of wonder through delightful songs and a vivid story that engages each character through music. A story about friendship bound by a shared passion and dream. Here is a guide on how to get started with anime and manga.

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The storyline of Carole & Tuesday

Directed by Cowboy Bebop‘s Shinichiro Watanabe sets the series in a future where humanity has begun migrating to a terraformed Mars, where humans can find new solace thanks to the planet’s technological advances such as AI. Specifically, the show follows 17-year-old Carole, an orphaned girl trying to make ends meet with multiple part-time jobs, and 17-year-old Tuesday, an isolated rich girl who runs away from home.

Carole is outgoing and confident while Tuesday is petite and shy. Although the two seem very different – coming from vastly different backgrounds – they have both found solace in music, and a chance encounter quickly reveals that they share an intense passion for it. They therefore decide to combine their skills and become a duo to create music that allows them to express themselves. However, Carole and Tuesday are at a disadvantage for returning to the traditional ways of music – writing their own songs and playing instruments live – while the music industry on Mars relies on AIs to create best-selling songs for humans.

Furthermore, the world of Mars is not all sunshine and rainbows. The earth is said to be uninhabitable, which forces many to emigrate to another planet where life is completely different. The trauma from Earth has produced many refugees, while the problems on Mars (e.g. racism, limited job opportunities, etc.) are causing socio-political turmoil. Carole in particular is directly affected by these issues as she and Tuesday try to find and bring hope to an unforgiving world.

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Where to watch the Carole & Tuesday anime

Carole and Tuesday

The 24-episode anime was animated by Bones Studio and released weekly in Japan from April to October 2019 while being distributed overseas by Netflix, with the first half being released in August 2019 and the second half being released in December 2019. The series can be streamed on Netflix in some countries like Canada and the UK. Physical copies of the DVD and Blu-ray may be difficult to find, but can be found on second-hand sites like eBay.

It’s hard to talk about Carol & Tuesday without mentioning its soundtrack. The entire OST is available on multiple audio streaming platforms including Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Where to read the Carole & Tuesday manga?

Carole and Tuesday

As mentioned, Carol & Tuesday is an anime original series, meaning the manga adaptation was released after it. Illustrated by Morito Yamataka, three volumes were published Young Ace Magazine from May 2019 to July 2020. Yen Press acquired the license to publish the manga to English audiences in 2020. The manga adaptation follows the original series pretty closely, although it skips some plot points, and still captures the lovely friendship between Carole and Tuesday from the anime.

All three manga volumes can be read digitally through Book Walker, while physical copies are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and other local retailers.

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