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Eiichiro Odas One piece The manga began serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997. After starting out as a fairly successful manga, it was only a matter of time before the story got an anime adaptation, which has since thrived. Handled by a very talented team at Toei Animation, the One piece Anime seems to be very popular in the community, but at the same time it has been divided for decades.

For various reasons, most of which had to do with the sub-par production quality of the anime, especially starting with Punk Hazard, the One piece Manga has been overwhelmingly favored by the majority of fans, and rightly so. However, the One Piece anime has picked up significant momentum in recent years and has a lot more to offer than in the past, so fans should consider giving it a chance.


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The Big Changes to One Piece Anime

A big misconception among anime fans is that budget is what separates a great anime from an average one. While budget is certainly important to some extent, it doesn’t play as big a role in determining an anime’s quality as production time and schedule. for One piecethe post-timeskip production schedule wasn’t nearly as healthy, which inevitably led to a severe drop in quality, especially towards the Dressrosa arc, where the episodes were extremely rough around the edges and the summaries sometimes took nearly 7 minutes to complete.

However, a big step in the right direction has been taken with the Wano Country Arc. The story was breathed new life when Toei veterans Tatsuya Nagamine, Aya Komaki and Kohei Kureta took over as directors. At this point, the One Piece anime had already managed to significantly improve the production schedule. At the same time, a new photography studio made things better, especially for a colorful country like Wano. This, coupled with the fact that a very talented team was slowly being created to work on the series, ensured that Wano was in the right hands and the anime would rival, if not surpass, the manga in terms of quality .

Why manga readers should watch the One Piece anime

Luffy Gear Fifth One Piece

Apparently, One piece made big leaps with the start of the Wano Country arc to a point where it finally started to compare to movies in terms of quality. In fact, certain episodes of the One piece Anime like 957 and 982, directed by Megumi Ishitani, were so incredible that to call them anything but “movie quality episodes” would be a disservice. But it’s not just the brilliant graphics that make the anime worth seeing.

That One piece Anime also does a great job of filling in things that Oda left out of his manga due to time constraints. Working on a manga for 25 years is undoubtedly exhausting, and for Oda, the goal is to complete the story sooner rather than later. Consequently, Oda tends not to focus too much on some less important parts of the chapter where the anime shines. By linking the small events together and adding new depth to the story, the One piece Anime becomes the perfect complement to manga. Towards the end of the Dressrosa arc, fans saw Sabo’s backstory revealed in the anime. While this did not happen in the manga, Eiichiro Oda made sure to give the staff detailed backstory notes to ensure the plot itself was canonical.

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More recently the One piece Anime added further depth to Ace and Yamato’s bond when the two met in Wano Country, 4 years prior to the current timeline of events. As such, the anime doesn’t shy away from bringing new depth to some of the most iconic characters in history. Of course, that’s not to say that the One Piece anime doesn’t have its weaknesses. A slow pace still plagues most anime episodes, but with the right direction, even a slow episode proves brilliant.

One piece with the Straw Hat Pirates

At the same time, Toei Animation staff will take care of it One piece are big fans of the series themselves. Her passion and love for history is what has lifted in recent times One piece from an average anime to one of the very best long-term anime, if not the best. As fans, the staff ensure the story’s key moments are lived up to, like the big reveals, the momentous events, and the most hilarious fights. Not surprising, One piece delivers brilliant episodes all year long and will continue to do so, with the anime’s upcoming episode 1015 already proving to be one of the very best episodes of the entire series.

While the anime still has its issues, the amount of love the staff puts into it and the incredible leap in quality that has taken place over the last few years to deliver some of the most memorable episodes is more than enough for manga fans to casually watch . The anime and manga for One piece have always been the subject of unfair comparisons. Instead, the two should be enjoyed side by side, as both tell what may be the greatest story ever written in slightly different ways.

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