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From the podcast that gets you reflecting on your life so far to the course that broadens your horizons, open your mind to our latest top picks

1. Page turner

My little kitchen garden by Felicity Hart

If you have little or no outdoor space, but have always dreamed of growing your own food, then this is the book for you. From the basics of microgardening to plant profiles to help you choose your grow, get your green fingers ready for this fruitful read.

(Available now, £8.99, Summersdale)

2. On the go

watching clouds

If you’ve dismissed “cloud watching” as something quirky and unexciting, think again. Sitting back and watching the clouds roll by can be a wonderful mindfulness exercise and deeply relaxing pastime—whether you’re eight or 88. Take some time to really sit back and appreciate the world around you, or join the Cloud Appreciation Society, share the wonders of our skies, and find cloudspotter groups near you.


3. Act of kindness

Donate to Strut Safe or volunteer

Strut Safe is a new initiative offering people in the UK a free phone service to call while walking home alone – with volunteers staying on the line until callers are safely home. To run the phone lines, support relies entirely on donations and volunteers to grow the service. could you help

(Visit strutsafe.org)

4. Lend us your ears

“So Are We With Munroe Bergdorf”

Join activist and writer Munroe Bergdorf and her guests each week as they reflect on their personal growth paths. Explore how the events of their lives shaped the people they are today and join in this celebration of the things that make us who we are.

(Available on all podcast platforms)

5. Plugged in

Carissa Potter-Carlson

You know that moment when you stumble upon something that perfectly captures a thought or feeling that you thought no one but you had? Artist Carissa Potter Carlson’s Instagram feed is dedicated to creating these moments so we can all feel a little less alone. From hopeful to honest, these simple illustrations carry a powerful message.

(Follow @peopleiveloved)

6. Tech Tips

Daily bean

Daily Bean is a simple, digital way to track your mood and the many variables that can affect it, and asks you to fill out a log each day so you can track your well-being from day to day. Customizable to your own needs and circumstances, and with a paid version that offers detailed stats and trends, this app is a new way to get an overview of where you are right now.

(Available on the App Store and Google Play Store)

7. Lesson learned

British Sign Language

If you’ve ever been interested in learning British Sign Language, now is the time. Since the start of the pandemic, British Sign have introduced a ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme where you can now take a 20 hour CPD certified course and pay what you want from just £3. Work through the course at your own pace and help make the world more accessible.

(Visit british-sign.co.uk)

8. Get on your way

tai chi

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese martial art performed very slowly and gracefully. It’s a great way to exercise while bringing some mindfulness into your life. Follow online tutorials or learn routines that you can pick up and take with you anywhere and enjoy the unique pleasure of this age-old activity.

(Look for tai chi tutorials on YouTube)


9. Square eyes

have fun

The premise is simple: in each episode, the kids introduce the creator team to a wild build—from a giant dinosaur that shoots tacos out of its mouth to an oversized guitar that doubles as a boat—and the team then has the task of building their dreams a reality. It’s crazy, creative and perfect for the whole family.

(Available on Netflix)

10. Treat yourself

Drop of Color painting set

The perfect way to unleash your creativity, Drop of Color’s painting sets provide everything you need to create a painting from scratch. With brushes, high-quality paper and paints, as well as a reference image and step-by-step instructions, this set has everything beginners and professionals need to expand their artistic skills.

(From £14, dropofcolour.com)

To connect with a life coach or to discuss ways you can work on your own mental wellbeing, Visit lifecoach-directory.org.uk

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