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Life is full of adventure – it just takes a bit of courage and a pinch of curiosity to open the door that leads to wonder, wonder and experiences you’ll be telling your friends about for decades to come. Of course we’re talking about travel and all the great things you can see when you put your daily drudgery aside and go where your feet (and your plane tickets) will take you.

The World Beauties and Wonders Facebook page, created by Turkey-based Anatolian Leo, is an incredibly popular project that highlights some of the magnificent views you will encounter on your travels. We’re featuring some of the best images from the project to share with all of you today, pandas. Hopefully this inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and see what great things are out there waiting for you.

Scroll down, upvote your favorite images and tell us which ones you liked the most and why. Do you have impressive stories from your recent travels? You can tell us all about them in the comments.

Bored panda reached out to Patrick McGranaghan, a Colorado surveyor and geography fanatic, to discuss overseas travel. He shared some of his exciting experiences from a recent trip and was kind enough to share some of his travel hacks as well. Check out our exclusive interview with Patrick, Pandas, below.

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Patrick, who works as a surveyor in Colorado, recently took a trip to Panama. He visited the Central American country this April to watch the channel there.

“For most people it’s probably like any other river or boat trip, but for me it was very enjoyable as I’m fascinated by engineering projects. It took about 8 hours to traverse the channel from end to end,” he shared his experience with Bored Panda.

“A lot of ships from countries all over the world pass along the way,” Patrick told us that it was a wonderful adventure.

Bored Panda also asked Patrick to share some of his travel dos and don’ts with our readers. “I think the most important thing is to remember to have fun. No trip will ever be 100% perfect,” he said, noting that it’s important not to stress that every little detail is “perfect.”

“There will be times when the weather gets bad, places are closed, it’s difficult to find good food, etc. It’s all part of the experience. Enjoy your time because you will miss it when you get home,” Patrick shared.

“Don’t forget to have backup plans. Unexpected disruptions happen and you just have to adapt.”

The World Beauties and Wonders project has over 423,000 followers on Facebook and another 26.8,000 fans on Instagram. In the meantime, the associated YouTube channel has recorded almost 121,000 views.

The social media project is all about showcasing the great things you might encounter on your travels and it also puts the spotlight on the seriously impressive legacy of ancient civilisations. Honestly, we’re itching to pack our bags, put on a pair of comfy sneakers, and head out to soak up some culture. It’s a feast for the eyes and the soul.

At Bored Panda, we are big fans of travel and new experiences. At the same time, however, it is important not to overdo it before your trip. Having realistic expectations of what you’re likely to experience can help you remain satisfied with your adventure overall. We recently spoke to one of the moderators who help run the multi-million member r/travel subreddit.

They stressed that keeping our expectations low or having none of them, no matter what it is, will make the trip better. Something else that can help you enjoy yourself more is to make the effort and do more in-depth research about the destination, the history of the place, and the local culture and customs.

“I think the more popular a place is, the easier it is to be overrated and disappointed,” the r/travel presenter said, stressing that some travelers suffer from Paris Syndrome. That’s when your expectations aren’t met and you’re left culturally shocked and disappointed.

“For many people, learning about the local culture is, superficially or maybe more, a fun outing, for others sitting on the beach at an all-inclusive resort is ideal. How you enjoy your holiday is entirely up to you. Luckily, we’re not all the same and therefore boring,” they explained that everyone travels for different reasons. No one should feel pressured to enjoy themselves in a certain way. Travel is freedom.

One place you might want to skip is Hollywood. Oh, we might all think it’s full of glitz and glam, but the reality isn’t what we see in the movies. It’s important to chat with some hiking friends or locals to see if a particularly popular spot lives up to the hype. The juice isn’t always worth the squeeze.

“There is one popular must-see attraction that is grossly overrated in Los Angeles and that is Hollywood. Everyone has heard of it and everyone wants to see it, but once you arrive in real Hollywood, you’re sure to be disappointed,” Los Angeles entertainment expert Mike Sington recently told Bored Panda.

“It’s very crowded and there’s little to see but the stars on the sidewalk. Once you’ve managed that, you’ll have to dodge the crowds to even navigate the sidewalks, that’s it. I would suggest passing by Hollywood itself and taking one of the professionally guided studio tours that all major movie studios offer,” he said, adding that Hollywood isn’t as great as some tourists might expect.

“Because the city is often portrayed as a glamorous place in films and television, that’s often all visitors expect. Sure, Los Angeles is beautiful and diverse, and the weather is spectacular, but remember it’s a very big city, so it has all the problems and urban sprawl of most big cities,” Mike shared.

“As a longtime Los Angeles resident, I’m very familiar with what’s worth seeing and what’s not. Here is my personal list of must-see places for a first-time visitor:

  • Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park
  • Getty Center
  • Runyon Gorge
  • Santa Monica Beach
  • the grove
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • The width
  • Universal Studios
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall
  • Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
  • Beverly Hills
  • Mulholland Drive,” Mike shared some of the must-see places that are definitely worth visiting.

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