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Recently it was announced that there is a new one trigun Anime series, Trigun Stampede, which is scheduled to hit the market in 2023. With this big announcement, a new wave of interest will sweep over one of anime’s most beloved sci-fi classics. With many anime fans feeling the heaviness of this new series announcement, it might be a good time to delve into the inner workings of this esteemed, often underrated, sci-fi franchise. The 1990s were an interesting time for manga and anime. While the OVA boom of the 1980s had helped give space to more complex and aesthetically oriented anime projects, various manga series began to embrace a wide range of story techniques and thematic inspirations, mostly through the lens of sci- Fi and other genre stories. The most famous submissions from that ambitious moment are still staples in the household anime to this day, including Katsuhiro Otomos AkiraHajime Yatates Cowboy Bebop and Hideaki Annos Neon Genesis EvangelionThere’s another iconic entry from the late-century sci-fi zeitgeist that has remained more of a tight-knit cult classic, the trigun Series created by Yasuhiro Nightow.


trigun is a “Sci-Fi Western” series developed in the 1990s by the then young mangaka Yasuhiro Nightow, containing the “Western” elements that are sometimes more thematic Cowboy Bebop are fully set overtones trigun (although the two are independent series, bebop and trigun have always been regarded as spiritual companions). Following the exploits of the infamous but pacifist outlaw Vash the Stampede, who undertakes criminal heists in a futuristic wasteland, the series is known for both its manga and anime incarnations. Across its various incarnations, each entry’s specifics play a huge part in getting the most out of this underrated gem of a series.

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The original trigun manga

The initial trigun Manga was serialized for the Monthly Shōnen Captain Manga Magazine 1995 and 1996; By the time the magazine closed in early 1997, there had been enough for three full volumes of the series story, published by Tokuma Shoten, the magazine’s parent company, with additional bonus chapters.

In English, a translation was printed in not three but two longer volumes by Dark Horse Comics in 2003. The translations of Dark Horse’s manga are still available, and in recent years have also been available digitally.

Trigun Maximum: The longer “continuation” with a different name

Because the manga magazine Shōnen prints the original trigun Series had been canceled in 1997, Nightow was approached by another legendary manga publication, Yangu Kingu Awazu. While the new publication was interested in starting a new series for its older demographic, Nightow’s interest was in continuing the unfinished saga of trigun led to the continuation under a new name, Trigun Maximum. While the target audience for the magazine was typically a bit more mature, Nightow has stated that there was little to no difference in content other than simply continuing the story as he saw fit.

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Maybe ironically Trigun Maximum has defied serialization for far longer than the original trigun, starting from another decade from 1998-2008. Translations are readily available from Dark Horse much like the original, and they are collected in 14 volumes with a total of 17 in between trigun and Trigun Maximum.

That trigun Anime Series (and New Series Announcement)

For many fans it is trigun Anime is the quintessential iteration of the franchise. Produced by anime studio Madhouse as the manga prepared for its new rebrand, the 26-episode TV series began in Japan just a few weeks before the manga’s relaunch under the Maximum nickname. The 26-episode anime is known for its animation quality and attention to detail, elevating the “sci-fi western” to its full potential. The series is currently fully streamable on Hulu, with individual episodes also available for purchase on Amazon Video.

The anime is believed to follow the source manga respectably in both its storylines and tone, although fans consistently comment that the manga goes into more complex, plot-heavy details while the anime makes the most of it him out Funny dialogue. Likewise, the series has a solid reputation for its soundtracks, which feature compositions by Japanese guitarist Tsuneo Imahori and are available in three separate Japanese releases.

In June 2022 it was announced that there will be a new anime series, Trigun Stampede, animated by Studio Orange with participation from Nightow. More information on this new project is expected to be revealed at Anime Expo 2022 in Los Angeles in July and is sure to revitalize the fan base of this anime classic.

Trigun: Badlands Rumble

Last but not least, the success of trigun Anime prompted the creation of a feature-length film, Trigun: Badlands Rumblewhich was released in 2010. The first piece of trigun Media Since the manga’s completion in 2008, the film has been a heavy dose, perhaps even a good introduction, to the series’ endearing balance of action and comedy. Animation is handled similarly to Madhouse, with heavy 2D animation only occasionally interspersed with semi-perceptible CGI during the more dynamic action sequences. Badland’s Rumble is widely available and streaming on Hulu, free on Tubi in English and with both dubs and subtitles available to stream on Crunchyroll.

If you are interested in giving that trigun go franchise, Badland’s Rumble may prove to be the strongest and most accessible starting point. Those who want to see more of the world and dynamics will enjoy the anime, and fans who want more storyline and involved characterizations will like the anime. The franchise is considered by its fans to be very consistent across its different iterations, perhaps with the exception of the vaporware PS2 game that was announced by Bandai Namco in 2002 and never came out, although technically it was never officially discontinued. It’s safe to say you should be able to meander through the franchise before we ever see more of this installment.

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