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One Piece Chapter 1050 was unfortunately postponed for fans in Japan and around the world last week, but when will the manga be released now?

The one-piece series has been a staple of fans’ weekend schedules for as long as many of us would have been alive.

This means that any disruption to this schedule, either for the anime adaptation or the original manga series, could cause serious confusion online. This is especially true when you consider how diverse the community has become worldwide in recent years.

The upcoming chapter of the One Piece manga was unfortunately postponed last week, but what date can fans expect now to enjoy the 1050th Episode of the iconic series?

One Piece Odyssey | announcement trailer



One Piece Odyssey | announcement trailer





One Piece Chapter 1050: New Release Date and Time after delay

Unfortunately, One Piece Chapter 1050 was pushed back from its regular weekly release schedule in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan last week. As new manga content is not released through international distribution partners until the chapter is released domestically, it means that One Piece fans around the world are in the same boat waiting for the next installment in the battle for Onigashima.

The good news is that the delay is nothing to worry about; Author Eiichiro Oda and his production team regularly take breaks every few weeks to maintain the quality of new chapters – and give them a well-deserved break.

As confirmed on the series page on Viz Media, One Piece Chapter 1050 will now be released on Sunday, May 29thth.

The new chapter will go live for fans outside of Japan at the following international times according to Manga Plus:

  • Pacific Time: 8 a.m. PDT
  • Eastern Time: 11 a.m. EDT
  • UK Time: 4pm BST
  • European time: 17:00 CEST
  • Indian Time: 8.30pm IST
  • Philippine Time: 23:00 PHT
  • Australian time: 00:30 ACST (30 May)

The question of real vs fake manga spoilers

A big part of the weekly releases for the One Piece manga are the spoilers from the raw scans, which can be leaked online every Sunday a few days before the scheduled launch.

Unfortunately, with One Piece Chapter 1050 being delayed by a full week, various fake spoilers have been floating around online from community members and news outlets. More information can be found here.

The good news is that the detailed spoilers have now been leaked online by more reputable sources; For a full breakdown of One Piece Chapter 1050 spoilers, click here.

New character divides One Piece fans

One Piece: Red is the next feature film for the cult franchise, due out later this summer. The film focuses on a new female character named Uta, Shanks’ daughter and a world-renowned singer.

However, Uta is by no means the only new character set making an appearance in One Piece: Red, let alone the strangest. That title goes to Thousand Sunny, who according to ComicBook will be a version of the Straw Hat pirate ship that comes to life in the new film.

“While the details of how Luffy’s ship comes to life are still mysterious, the ship that comes to life appears to have the same head as the ship’s masthead, making it surprisingly look like the Straw Hat Pirates’ Reindeer Doctor.” ” – comic book.

Unsurprisingly, Thousand Sunny’s design is a controversial topic of conversation within the One Piece community, with one user “I love how half the fandom finds Sunny-kun incredibly adorable while the other half finds him downright terrifying.”

More new characters for One Piece: Red revealed

On May 25th, the One Piece YouTube channel shared the latest character trailer for their upcoming Red movie.

The new trailer has already been viewed over 300,000 times, introducing us to six characters with an additional party of five. These include Navy Commander Momonga, Admiral Issho, Admiral Borsalino, and Admiral Sakazuki.

Along with the Five Elders, two members of the CB9 assassin group, Blueno and Kalifa, are also revealed.

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