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Isekai Manga focuses on a person being transported, trapped, or reborn into a fantasy world, parallel universe, or even a game. Usually the world features supernatural elements not present in their normal or past lives. The main characters of these stories must survive, adapt or find ways to escape or adapt to the new world while facing any adventure that comes their way.

There are many Isekai anime, both old and new, that have achieved great popularity and success among fans, and while some have been adapted from the manga, there are still many that have yet to be adapted. For a worthwhile read of some of the most interesting manga in the isekai genre, here are 10 you should definitely put on your reading list.

Unemployed reincarnation

As curious as the title of this volume may be, the story really is what it depicts. Unemployed reincarnation revolves around a 34-year-old sad and antisocial man who dies in an accident while trying to save a stranger. He is then reborn in the body of a newborn, Rudeus Greyrat, and finds that he has been given a chance to start life all over again. Part of a magical world, he decides to live his life differently and with no regrets after discovering that he has special abilities and powers.

Cooking at the campfire in another world with my absurd ability

If you are looking for an isekai manga that features tons of character development, then this unique manga is a sure hit. The action follows Mukouda Tsuyoshi who – by accident – has been placed in a fantasy world along with three heroes. Unfortunately, he is chased out of the palace when his only ability is revealed to be retrieving groceries and other supermarket items from modern-day Japan. Eventually he meets a legendary wolf named Fenrir, who falls in love with his extraordinary cooking skills and embarks on an adventure with him.

Solo leveling

A reverse isekai manga that brings magic, monsters and demons into the realm of unsuspecting humans. The story revolves around the protagonist Sung Jinwoo, a weak hunter who wants to become stronger to join the fight to save humanity from annihilation and earn enough money to pay his mother’s medical bills. One day, after narrowly surviving a double dungeon that kills almost his entire party, Jinwoo wakes up with a new ability to level up in power without limit. He decides to solve the mysteries of the dungeons, find the source of his power and protect his loved ones.

The distant paladin

The distant paladin is a truly unique isekai manga. The plot follows Will, a human child living in the city of the dead, far from human civilization. He is raised by three “undead” who train him and teach him everything they know. As he begins to regain his memories of modern Japan’s lackluster past, Will decides not to make the same mistakes and chooses to live a worthwhile and memorable life. He embarks on a journey to find out who he is and how he got to the city of the dead in the first place.

By the grace of the gods

By the grace of the gods is a brilliant anime that offers strong character development, a powerful protagonist and more than enough comic relief. When 39-year-old Ryouma Takabayashi dies in his sleep, he is transported to a magical world by three deities and finds himself in the body of a boy with magical powers. The deities endow him with abilities that will allow him to survive in the new world, with the sole purpose of helping him make the most of life. Takabayashi therefore aspires to become a better person than he was in his previous life and to find the happiness he never had. It’s a lighthearted and relaxed story with many unique personalities.

Moon-guided journey through another world

Although the plot and concept share many similarities with other manga in the Isekai genre, Moon-guided journey through another world still manages to stand out. Misumi Makoto is a high school student summoned to another world by the god Tsukuyomi to become a hero. He is rejected by the other heroes and thrown to the edge of the world. Thus begins his journey to prove to everyone that he is the true hero the world needs.

The wrong way to use healing magic

Although this manga follows the usual Isekai tropes, it offers readers the perfect plot twists to keep the momentum high. The three high school students Ken Usato, Suzune Inugami and Kazuki Ryuusen are summoned to another world as heroes. Usato discovers that he has a rare ability called Healing Magic. This catches the attention of the leader of the kingdom’s rescue team, Rose, and she decides to make Usato more than just a healer, but a savior who joins some of the squad’s most brutal thugs.

The berserker becomes great

If you are a fan of the acclaimed hit anime Sword Art Online, you would find this manga to your liking. Our MC, Kelvin, wakes up in a game-like world with no memory of his past life, yet still has some insanely high stats. He later finds out that he traded his memories for those stats because he needs them to summon the summoning goddess he fell in love with. With his new skills and abilities, Kelvin helps other heroes train and improve their stats, and embarks on an epic adventure to summon the love of his life.

Welcome to Japan Elf-san

An ordinary office worker, Kitase Kazuhiro, embarks on a journey into a fantasy world, and despite believing it’s all just a dream, reality takes center stage when it’s revealed that every time Kazuhiro sleeps, he goes to the fantasy world, but returns to Japan when he wakes up. In the other world, he meets Ms. Elf, who becomes Kazuhiro’s best friend and reveals to him that his supposed dreams are actually true. This critically acclaimed manga is lighthearted, funny, and a relaxing read.

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