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The online survey has a very strong focus on gathering information that will be used to create a brand new Town Center First master plan for Roscrea. Photo: PJ Wright

The Roscrea Enhancement Committee has launched an online survey and is calling on the public to support the initiative by completing the survey online.

Enhancement Committee Chair Brian King explained this week that the survey is heavily focused on gathering information that will be used to create a brand new Town Center First master plan for Roscrea. The master plan for the city is in an early stage of development, and tenders for consultants who will create the master plan are at an advanced stage.

Mr. King also stated this week that the Improvement Committee will encourage more people from local community groups to become active members of the committee.

The survey and master plan have the full support of Tipperary County Council. At the turn of the year, Tipperary County Council applied for and was awarded €100,000 from the Department for Rural and Community Affairs as part of its Our Rural Future – Rural Development Policy 2021-2025. This funding will be used to develop a Town Center First master plan for Roscrea.

Once this master plan is formulated, Mr. King explained that the committee will then be able to work with the local authority to obtain support from multiple national funding sources to help achieve the key projects and goals identified in the master plan be identified. These funding streams are not limited to the Rural Regeneration Development Fund (RRDF) and the Town & Village Renewal Schemes. The survey is an important feature of creating a Town Center First master plan and will help identify challenges and opportunities for the city, as well as provide a basis for working with stakeholders, collecting opinions and ensuring a committee is in place move forward The master plan.

Regarding the existing improvement plan, Mr. King noted that despite all the funding challenges over the past decade, the existing improvement committee is very proud of the various projects it has been involved in such as: the Tourist Trail, the annual Roscrea Enhancement Committee awards, and events such as the BEO, which served as a catalyst for subsequent events outside the purview of the Enhancement Committee. Mr King noted that the committee had been working very hard on additional projects that had not yet come to fruition but could do so in time.

Examples include advancing road development and landscaping plans around the city with a particular focus on lighting and underground wiring, and developing several walking routes that would lead back to the city center.

Looking ahead, Mr. King said that a revived Improvement Committee with new members would have great support from people like Sharon Scully (district administrator,

Tipperary County Council) and Marion Carey (District Planner Tipperary County Council).

Additionally, Brian King noted that as mentioned above, the new committee will have access to more sources of funding, which should certainly encourage more community groups to get involved and support the new master plan, which once finalized will greatly complement any future strategy for improvement of the city of Roscrea and encouraging people to live, work, visit and enjoy all that the city and its surroundings have to offer.

With all of that in mind, there certainly seems to be a lot of optimism at Roscrea at the moment. The master plan has the potential to envision a very exciting future for the people of Roscrea and the neighboring communities and villages.

Please support those trying to implement the plan by taking some time to fill out the survey. Any support is greatly appreciated.


The survey can be accessed at

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