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Even in such a great foodie city, it’s easy to get into a rut about where to eat and shop.

In a neighborhood city like Louisville, when we find the places we are drawn to, we tend to cling to them. Pulling us out of these spheres usually takes something with a really strong pull. That said: Oldham County license plates are so often seen in the parking lot of Vietnam Kitchen in the South End.

This longtime icon of Louisville’s food scene is certainly a magnet, but it’s far from the only place in the Beechmont community and surrounding areas that can – and should – lure those of us on the Watterson Expressway for a bite.

For the past nearly two years I’ve become a “part-time citizen of Beechmont” as I commute a few miles down Third Street where I’m renovating a Victorian home with my best friend and business partner. Wearing my real estate entrepreneur’s hat, not my Courier Journal food columnist’s, to quick lunches and coffee breaks, it’s impossible not to notice the strong and vibrant food scene unfolding in this southern corner of the city.

Following the Beechmont area’s Instagram account has also given me a lot of inspiration for places to check out – and I wish I’d spent more time there.

Illustration by Amy Talbott of Place & Maker Studio. "I always love seeing my clients faces when they see this print," She says, "because people have such a connection to Vietnam Kitchen."

To get a better look at the secret treasure hiding in the Beechmont neighborhood, I caught up with Amy Talbott, the avid neighborhood lover and foodie behind the popular social media account. Talbott is an artist specializing in house portraits, custom illustrations, and Louisville-inspired art prints. She moved here with her husband nine years ago and became an unofficial ambassador for the South Louisville community.

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