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When was the last time you exercised? A new study by Nuffield Health has found that almost half of all women in the UK have not played vigorous sport in the last 12 months, with lack of motivation cited as the main reason. Despite a boom in at-home workout apps and exercise during the pandemic, 38 per cent of women said their lockdown workouts have expired overall.

Research suggests that even a two-week break from training can result in significant loss of muscle mass and strength. So if you want to get back in the gym but the thought of 45 minutes on a treadmill feels like a fate worse than death, fear not.

Getting in shape doesn’t mean starting out with 25 burpees every morning. For many of us, gentler activities like yoga, walking, or barre are just as effective and easier to sustain. Elisa Grosso, Coach and Personal Trainer at Movementum, says: “Taking a step-by-step approach is key for someone who hasn’t exercised since the pandemic.”

Still, it can be difficult to get excited about sweating, so here are some of the best classes, apps, and fitness equipment to try and make the process less painful.

New classes to try

Reformer Pilates at Psyche

Kult Spin Studio has created a Reformer Pilates class perfect for beginners. If you dream of six pack abs and toned muscles, but a 6am HIIT class leaves you cold, then this is the class for you. Instructors add the perfect balance of gentle encouragement and motivating sound bites to the sessions to keep you feeling like royalty, no matter your rep count.

Tuition starts at £25; psychelondon.com

movement around

Movementum in Mandarin Oriental

This 25 minute Regenerate class is designed to help you get fit again. The class is to be followed by a Movementum massage that combines breathwork, lymphatic drainage, stretching and massage to help the body return to peak performance. Of course, a massage in the name of fitness is also a fantastic motivational carrot to get you back on the plank.

Tuition starts at £45; mandarinoriental.com

The new gearbox

girlfriend collective

girlfriend collective

“We believe that good things come to those who don’t waste”, is the motto of this sustainable athleisure brand. Girlfriend Collective are pioneers of ‘slow fashion’ with a focus on ethical manufacturing – but their skirt and crop top sets also look so cute you’ll probably wear them as part of your everyday wardrobe.

From £35; available at girlfriend.com

Marysia Sports

Marysia Sports

Former ballet dancer and surfer Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves first launched her eponymous line as a swimwear brand in 2009, and the asymmetric bikinis proved so successful that she turned to activewear. The Marysia Sport collection combines the brand’s signature scalloped edge and bold colors to keep you feeling supported and sexy at the same time.

From £175; available at matchfashion.com




Anyone who has ever bought dumbbells knows that a) they’re too big to store anywhere and b) they’re an eyesore. Kenko’s minimalist wooden cylinder weights look like an art installation and will actually improve the aesthetic of your living room if you don’t bother to put them away.

Maple Dumbbell Set from £162; available to buy at Kenko.com



Forget Peleton, Technogym have launched their own new-age standing bike for your home. With a 22-inch screen and an immersive indoor experience, you might actually be pedaling in Dalston, but for 45 minutes you’ll be transported to the Dolomites. Beginners can create a customized plan for their fitness level, but be careful – it’s addictive. Before long you’ll be blowing up your savings on Lycra and signing up for the Tour de France.

From £2,990; Harrods.com

The apps



This nifty fitness app is designed to work like a “PT in your pocket” so you’ll never have to Google “10-minute abs workout” at the gym ever again. WeGLOW offers 600+ exercises, 1,000+ workouts and real-time courses for every fitness ability. At £15.99 a month it’s cheaper than a gym membership and comes with over 450 recipe ideas to kick start your nutrition journey.

£15.99, download at weglow.app


Founded by Olympic Champion Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, the Jennis App is designed for women to learn how to exercise at different stages of their cycle. Many women don’t vary their workouts throughout the month even though our hormones fluctuate. Cycle mapping allows women to train with their bodies and their hormones instead of working against them.

Download at jennis.com

cooling down

Wildsmith Skin Firming Body Serum

Wildsmith body serum

After a long session at the gym, your body needs some maintenance. Wildsmith Toning Body Serum is the perfect post-shower tonic for tired muscles. Made with natural ingredients like mustard seeds and chillies to help break down lipids (fats) and improve cellulite drainage, you look as good as you smell.

£6; www.wildsmithskin.com

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