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Finding unique and meaningful gifts isn’t always easy, but here at Wishlist we want to help.

Below is a selection of gifts that come in a variety of price ranges and are tailored to please even the pickiest of friends in your life. Each has been tested and verified by us here at Wishlist, so read the reviews to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Find nothing? Check back as we regularly update this list with other great items that we’ve tried and love to see what you can pick up to make you the hit of any birthday party.

Small velvet gray box with pure white roses

rose box

Small velvet gray box with pure white roses

Best Suited For: The chic queen who has absolutely everything

The rose box is one of the chicest and most lavish gift ideas I’ve had the chance to try for the Wishlist. A delivery man came right to my door with a black, gold-embossed gift bag, and inside I found a handwritten note and the small arrangement you see here (which is still quite large!), all wrapped in beautiful tissue paper and scented like a light perfumed dream.

The bouquets come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can customize them to suit your budget and your recipient’s tastes. Classic red or white arrangements will please virtually everyone, but there are also some fun colors like blue and black, and you can even have an initial built into the flowers! Several shapes and types of boxes also offer the opportunity to give something spectacular, and unlike a standard bouquet, these roses will last a full year. It is ideal for everyone who likes flowers and who Not like flowers?

Rosebox NYC

BRRRN Slide Board


gliding board

Best Suited For: Your fitness-loving friend who needs one very challenging workout

I won’t claim to be the fittest person I know, but I’ve been exercising most of my life and I do regular strength training and HIIT cardio. That means: WOW! This is a workout.

The Brrrn board is a large, smooth board with adjustable sides that comes with booties that you can slip over your shoes so you can do gliding exercises that are basically thanks to the core engagement you get from maintaining stability target every muscle in your body. My first test run was bumpy as I didn’t know you should wear your trainers under your ankle boots – don’t make that mistake!

After watching a short beginner’s video on Brrrn’s youtube channel, I flipped it again and managed to do it for up to four minutes before the sweat started, and after ten minutes I was panting like a dog in the hot sun. This thing feels great if you’re someone who likes to challenge yourself, and the way it engages your core muscles is hugely beneficial, especially in conjunction with my other workouts. And that’s what’s missing from so many home workouts: the fun! It feels like I’m sliding down the hall like a kid in my socks again.

My only warning is that it’s quite heavy and the box it came in was pretty broken as a result. Nevertheless, the board is in perfect condition and seems almost indestructible. The good news is that despite its weight, it’s easy to store away by simply sliding it under the couch. Gift this to a loved one who will appreciate while having a good time.


Bearback back scratcher


back scratch

Best Suited For: Your permanently single friend who needs a helping hand

Back scratchers have always been a gag gift of sorts, but this one elevates the idea by adding all sorts of bells and whistles to the formula so you can swap out the heads for different uses!

For the sake of transparency, I’ll admit I haven’t read the instructions, so I’m still not even sure what some of the attachments are for, but the sponge works beautifully as a self-tanner and sunscreen applicator. If you have a single friend and want to help them make sure they never try to get lotion on that middle part of their back without problems, snag them one of these helpful but budget-friendly devices.


Best Seller Gift Set for Women – Baccarat Rouge 540, Santal 33, Burberry Her


Best Seller Gift Set for Women – Baccarat Rouge 540, Santal 33, Burberry Her

Best Suited For: An indecisive bud that always wants to smell nice

Microperfumes are a godsend for those who scoff at the $100-plus prices associated with most full-size bottles these days, but try out several high-end scents over the course of a few wears – this little paper magic wand just can’t Mimic the way a perfume interacts with your own chemistry!

The great thing about this best-selling gift set is that the three fragrances it contains are popular almost everywhere. Baccarat Rouge harnesses the warmth of jasmine, amberwood and saffron for a casual yet sexy everyday scent perfect for amplifying the sensual vibes. Santal 33 is similarly heady thanks to sandalwood, papyrus, leather and a spicy floral base that smells better the longer you wear it. Rounding out the trio with the classic Burberry Her, a timeless designer fragrance for the discerning woman who loves to blend fragrant fruits and florals with strong hints of vanilla to create a perfectly flirty yet rich blend.


Shakti Premium Acupressure Mat


Premium acupressure mat

Best for: Your friend who is genuinely interested in wellness and might be a bit of a masochist

If it seems intense at first glance, that’s because it is. The Shakti mat is like a modern bed of nails that is extremely uncomfortable at first. The pain subsides shortly thereafter (around the two minute mark) and quickly turns into an odd throbbing burning sensation that feels fairly comfortable, then gets even more relaxing and finally makes your eyes heavy… you get the drift.

The Shakti is said to induce deep relaxation in its users, with a range of health benefits including stimulating blood flow to promote healing, relieving tension that causes headaches and body aches, a peaceful mind thanks to its meditative effects, and a deep , restful sleep can be attributed to by the sensation.

So how did it feel to me? I almost jumped out of my skin the first time I carefully flopped down onto the mat. It took me three tries to get past two minutes, but as someone who loves a challenge, I loved playing the How Hard am Me??” It turns out I’m stronger than I thought! Or maybe I just read enough testimonials to believe I could do it once I got over the initial shock.

Once the ouch wears off, it really feels amazing and relaxing, with a very intense full body burn that kicks in after about the five minute mark. I also learned that you can actually stand on the shakti to encourage less sore feet, which sounds incredibly painful but was actually easier for me than the back sessions! The tougher skin on your feet, coupled with the fact that you can lean on a countertop or chair to relieve some pressure, is tremendously helpful — so much so, I actually crave the feel of the tiny spikes on my skin and finally, you will find the pain relief extremely helpful after a long, stressful day or a hard workout.

Buy this for an adventurous friend who loves acupuncture or other forms of holistic healing and watch them fall in love with this beautiful, if slightly scary, mat.


Leopard Palm Satin Boxy Short and Shorts Set

Chelsea colleagues

Leopard Palm Satin Boxy Short and Shorts Set

Ideal for: your friend who enjoys lounging in luxurious style

To be blunt, anything from Chelsea Peers will make you look like a caring, giving friend—her pieces are luxury. But I recommend this vibrant set for the following reasons:

– the print is simply heavenly, reminiscent of something straight out of the Versace mansion with a strong touch of gilded kitsch

– The fabric is so luxurious that you will feel like royalty even while doing everyday chores like washing dishes or working from home

– You can easily wear this set as a swimsuit cover-up or separate the pieces for everyday wear; Layer the top over a white tank top and tie at the waist for a super trendy look

–You can get a matching water bottle!!! If your boyfriend (or yourself) really loves coordinating outfits and accessories, throw it on for just $18 and you’ll come across as boyfriend of the year.

In addition to trying out this set, Chelsea Peers also sent in a couple of swimsuits to try and include one in this print and they are fantastic. The fit is very true to size with a flattering cut that never digs in at the edges, and best of all, they’re on sale now for under $30, so you can wear them for the rest of summer to get a great start next year!

Chelsea colleagues

Modern Everywhere Slim shoulder bag


Modern Everywhere Slim shoulder bag

Best For: Your ultra-organized yet stylish bestie

As soon as I opened the box of my lavender Baggallini I was in love. When I opened the bag myself and saw all the organizational compartments? I practically proposed to him.

The Baggallini is beautiful and ideal for those of us who like to keep the inside of our handbags tidy. The interior features two phone-sized pockets, another large zipped pocket, a place to store a pen and an eyelet ring for attaching keys. Also included is a wallet on a detachable leash so you can easily find your cards or cash. There are three more pockets on the front, all with slight variations (one with zips, one with snaps, etc.) and on the back of the bag there is a large compartment for your tablet or book.

I also love the adjustable strap as I’ve had issues with crossbody bags hanging at an annoying length in the past, but this completely eliminates that problem. The fabric feels like durable nylon and is easy to clean, adding a sporty touch to the look of the bag. While the lavender shade is my personal favourite, there are 14 colors and patterns to choose from so you can customize this lightweight dream bag to suit the tastes of the person you’re gifting it to.


Nutribullet Smart Touch Blender™ 1500W

NutribulletSmart Touch Blender™ 1500W

Best for: Your friend who can’t stop drinking smoothies (or margaritas).

We just reviewed this bad boy, so head over here to see why it’s our current favorite mixer here on Wishlist. Bonus: The benefit of buying this as a gift for a friend includes the right to request frozen drinks when you visit!


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