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Meet the company responsible for transforming any ordinary space into an elevated space with a luxurious focal point. Meet J’adore Les fleurs, which means translated “I love flowers” in French. JLF is responsible for the booming luxury floral industry we’re seeing thriving across Southern California. The company was co-founded by Alisa Tovmanyan (fashion designer) and Eliza Glants (lawyer). Together they took their unique ideas and differentiating expertise and transformed the original family business from a quaint corner flower shop, Sunshine Flowers, into the nationally recognized luxury flower brand that it is today, J’adore Les Fleurs. In this article, we’ll dive into how her bouquets are transforming living spaces with some of the most beautiful bouquets you’ll ever see.

J’adore Les Fleur brings any room to life

The nature of the luxury flower buying experience began with J’adore Les Fleurs. The team at JLF knew they weren’t just selling flowers, but instead were selling a lifestyle statement, a sense of pride and a sense of exclusivity that comes with buying quality luxury products. This level of luxury for flowers means their customers want the ability to examine, touch and experience the magical feelings of buying their flowers and later enjoying them in their home – a necessity that of course comes with the price tag .

“This brings us to the essence of luxury, where the need to create experiences that touch and transform the heart of our customers is paramount for everyone at J’adore Les Fleurs.”

The J’adore Les Fleurs team is no stranger to amazing feedback. Over the years, they have often been told by recipients and senders that their arrangements not only enhance visual stimulation and evoke happy vibes, but also create a sense of luxury. Her flowers make luxury an integral part of her lifestyle.

We can now see that the flowers set the ambiance for any event or occasion. In the same way, eye-catching shoes, jewelry or handbags can completely change the look of a simple piece of clothing when worn – our flowers can completely change the mood of a special occasion, providing positive visual stimulation, conversation-starters and simply lavish embellishments bring to each area.

Both Texas A&M and Harvard have heard from their customers how JLF flowers improve their mood at home or at work and have produced studies that suggest flowers in the workplace increase productivity, enhance creativity and reduce stress.

Find the bouquet for you with J’Adore Les Fleurs

Over the past seven and a half years, J’adore Les Fleurs has built a reputation as the florist of choice among discerning fashion set consumers, which means they don’t shy away from the most intricate details to make yours perfect every single time Bring home JLF bouquet. During these years in business, the company has become increasingly dominant in its space, with a crystal-clear roadmap fueled by high demand from A-list celebrities and tremendous collaborative efforts with well-known fashion and beauty brands. These collaborative efforts have served the likes of L’Oréal, Prada, Tiffany, Gucci, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Two-Face, Morphe, Fabletics, and others. In doing so, J’adore Les Fleurs have honed their ability to reflect the sender’s tastes like no other, striving to stay consistent with their brand color schemes through the colors of their flowers, hat boxes, other containers and more! Notwithstanding the extensive client list of world-renowned companies and massive A-list stars, their attention to detail reflects the level of care each J’adore Les Fleurs bouquet receives – hence the importance of personalization and individual design is paramount to them Company.

Why create custom luxury flowers?

We didn’t like the traditional flowers that were made repeatedly, which is one of the reasons we started JLF. We felt that so many types of flowers were not used properly and the arrangements were dated and done quickly – we didn’t want to be the fast fashion equivalent of a flower boutique”.

How would you guide me through my first bouquet of flowers?

“We usually start with questions that help us understand the story they want to tell through the flowers – keeping in mind the colors and aesthetics of their space. JLF usually likes to create sophisticated arrangements that are timeless but at the same time modern and dramatic but in a very original way. We like to call this style “The J’Adore Style”. Perfect arrangements in the iconic hat boxes with a lid on the back and sometimes in different containers depending on preference and aesthetics. We have clients who give us complete creative direction, and we also have clients who give us direction based on their needs and wants – which is special because we cater to their floral needs. We can do simple arrangements that still make it look luxurious and prestigious, and we can do more dramatic arrangements using classic florals and textured and extreme/exotic florals. For example, sometimes we say, “If there’s pink, let’s add more pink!” Or, “Let’s create a monochromatic color scheme, but consider wildly textured flowers.” We always want to be different and unique.”

Even though the beautiful custom bouquets are an integral part of the heart of J’adore Les Fleurs, over time they have been able to create many signature collections that stand the test of time, such as The JLF Signature Roses, JLF Signature Mix, JLF Luxury Line , JLF Specialties and more.

Are you ready to renew the magic?

When it comes to receiving praise, the team at J’adore Les Fleurs are keenly aware of how popular their products are; They know their flowers can evoke magical feelings and are even said to strengthen relationships. One of her most heard comments from her clients is “Everyone I’ve sent JLF flowers to has said, ‘These are the most unique and beautiful flowers I’ve ever received.’

Imagine waking up to a beautiful bouquet of handmade flowers from J’Adore Les Flors in your home or office full of excitement and starting your day with clarity and ease. These flowers will become your best friend because they bring peace of mind and create exceptional comfort in some of your most influential settings. There’s a reason our environment defines so many important moments in life, so what are you waiting for? Are you ready to renew the magic?

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