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‘Episode 5’

Imagine you are walking out of a store and meet someone on the street. You look up to apologize, your eyes meet and you smile. But the catch is that the other person does the same. How are the chances? So begins Episode 5 of Uncoupled, in which Michael has a raunchy makeout with a stranger on the street. Right in the middle, they realize that the next phase is about to begin. “Condoms?” asks Michael. To which the stranger replies, rather disconcertingly, “Are you kidding?” This upsets Michael and the conversation goes downhill from there. He feels older and the man eventually leaves.

Michael discusses this with Stanley and Billy at brunch the next day. The consensus is that Michael doesn’t understand the new relationship norms. Colin has ruined his development with time and changing cultural paradigms. Stanley has news to share. His mother’s new “cat”, Wilhelm Munsch, is a talented artist. He’s about to exhibit his work at the gallery and apparently local gay art collector Irwin Stossel will freak out when he sees it. Stossel is known as an obsessive collector with vast resources. So it’s positive news for Stanley. dr Gibson is Michael’s father’s choice for a quick relationship.

He’s Oliver’s dermatologist. Michael is surprised when his parents urged him to get back together with Colin. Suzanne struggles to put some distance between herself and her son Kai. She even asks Colin’s opinion on the underwear he wants her to buy.

Her boss asks her to cut the escrow account for Claire’s apartment or the commission will be pushed to the next quarter. Seeing how Michael reacts, Suzanne urges him to ask him if everything is alright. Michael confides in her that he hates the dating world Colin left him in. Suzanne offers to take Michael to a “healer” who has helped her friend Mia overcome her anger issues. He reluctantly agrees.

At the healers’ meeting, Michael is called onto the stage by him. The healer snaps in front of Michael’s face about sixteen times and he’s apparently healed. Suzanne is told by him that he has to get the man out of her bed. The next morning, Michael wakes up a changed man. At everything else, he is noticeably less angry and feels over Colin. He even cries for Colin in front of Stanley and sympathizes with him. Josh Gibson has a date with him later in the day and he’s beautiful. They hit it off really well on the date, but decide to take things slow. Among other things, they agree on the use of condoms and safer sex. Suzanne finally knows what the healer meant by the man in her bed: Kai. They’ve gotten too close and Kai needs to find his own place.

The next day they also go to Stanley’s Munsch exhibition together, where Stossel publicly berates Stanley and leaves. Billy saves the day by dramatically faking a few paintings to get the sale going. While looking at the pornographic images, Michael and Josh decide to take the next step. You have a great time in his apartment. But there’s a small problem that Hosh wants to use an “anal paralytic” to solve.

Michael is scared and leaves in a hurry. Jack has apparently attempted to meet up with Michael for drinks – not in a sexual way – just as a casual way to spend time together. Later that night, he catches him on the front door of the building.

It turns out great for the realtor because Jack actually tried to get him to sell his condo. He says the New York winters are too much for him and he’s considering moving to Miami. He also has some heartfelt words of encouragement and wise advice for Michael on how to get over Colin. Time is the best healer. You don’t even know when you’re over someone without thinking about it.

The Episode Recap

Episode 5 had the best ending this season. Jack always seemed to be a loving and wise character and he showed his wisdom in this final conversation with Michael. Achieving victories in difficult times, even small ones, can lift your spirits like nothing else. It’s a sign to you that the world isn’t orchestrated directly against you.

Jack is a flawless soul and is bound to show more in the upcoming episodes. Michael’s small steps into a new world of dating will make for entertaining viewing. This episode showed the first glimpses of this tangent and I think the season will bring more of it. The healer part was sarcasm at its best. All in all, this episode was a steady step up from the last episode and underscored what the show is all about.

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