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Warren Scott PROJECTS DISCUSSED — Wintersville Council on Thursday discussed new radio-controlled water meters to be installed in the village and an upcoming gas line replacement project, among other things.

WINTERSVILLE — The replacement of more than 1,000 water meters, an upcoming gas pipeline project and snow park permits for residents were among Wintersville Council’s affairs on Thursday.

The council accepted an offer of $922,409 from Core and Main of Ashland, Ohio, to install 1,600 new water meters that can be read electronically using an antenna on the village’s water tower.

Village Administrator Walter Ziemba pointed out that the project will be funded in part by a $341,000 grant and a $535,000 interest-free loan for 10 years from the Ohio Public Works Commission, with the village covering the remaining costs.

Ziemba said that once work begins, it is expected to be completed in six weeks to a month and residents will be notified through flyers on their doors.

Mayor Mike Petrella said the move will save the village time and money, as it currently takes five to seven days for village workers to manually read meters.

He added that the meters were more accurate and would allow customers to pay their bills online, which many had been asking for.

He and Ziemba found that those with meters inside their homes are being replaced with ones outside, while those with underground meter pits are responsible for any damage they cause them.

In another deal, Ziemba announced that the westbound Main Street slow lane between Gumps Lane and Leonard Avenue will be closed next week while crews with Columbia Gas replace gas lines serving the Leonard Avenue subdivision and the Moon Valley area.

Ziemba said the project’s completion has not yet been confirmed, but could be completed in seven to 10 days based on previous line replacements in the village.

Petrella said while snow is not expected for at least a few months, a village ordinance mandating that vehicles must be removed from snow-covered roads is in effect from November 1 to March 15 each year.

Because of this, he said the road committee needs to meet in October to consider applications for parking permits.

The mayor noted in the winter that residents are being asked to remove their vehicles from snow-covered roads so village crews can plow them, and could be fined for doing so.

But residents can apply to the street committee for a parking permit if circumstances such as B. limitations on their mobility, make it difficult to park elsewhere.

Petrella noted that the fee for the passports was $5 last winter to cover the cost of making them, but can be increased if those costs have increased.

Those wishing to request ID can call the parish hall for information.

In other stores:

∫ Petrella congratulated Vern Jackson on his retirement after 24 years as a road foreman in Wintersville.

He also announced that the village’s departments were being reorganized somewhat, with the roads department and sewage department being led by Mark Marcus and Bob Arnold, respectively, while Justin Emery and Teddy Chuick will continue to oversee the water and sewage departments.

Petrella said a supervisory position over all departments that remains vacant with Perry Pool’s death will be eliminated and all supervisors will report to him or Ziemba.

The changes are seen as a cost-saving measure, and the mayor has also suggested hiring an employee who could perform maintenance and minor repairs on the village’s vehicles and equipment, while also serving as a laborer for multiple departments.

∫ Petrella thanked Randy Clapham and Norris Hayhurst for donating two new benches to Veteran Memorial Park on Cadiz Road in honor of Army Sgt Earl Hayhurst and Army Sgt Perry Booth.

He said the benches are made of sturdy treated wood and concrete, replacing two in the park that were deteriorating.

In related business, he said crews will soon be replacing the roof of the Walnut Park shelter, painting it and the play equipment there.

∫ Marshall Road resident Lee Decesare sought help treating the runoff that has repeatedly washed out his driveway and offered to help with any remedial work.

Petrella agreed to look at it.

∫ Councilor Jason Mattern commended the Winterville Police Department for their efforts to curb speeding, including being visible on roads and placing a device that measures the speed of passing vehicles.

In recent months, the department has issued many speeding subpoenas.

Petrella reiterated a call for drivers to comply with posted speed limits and exercise caution.

∫ Council has set Halloween trick or treat hours at 7pm to 9pm on October 29.

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