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Animals and flowers go well together, as evidenced by Alena Khokhlova’s artwork. Resembling happiness and the existing connection between the two, they also create beautiful photographic portraits, including animals such as dogs, cats and llamas. The cutest pictures that you are about to see are animals with a floral character by Alena Khokhlova.

The origin of animals with a floral character by Alena Khokhlova

This magnificent and creative story titled Animals with a Floral Character by Alena Khokhlova started with nothing less than a cat and was the result of a global pandemic that heralded the Chinese New Year. At the time she was living in China, where she vividly remembers numerous friends who went to other nations to celebrate but were unable to return before the gates closed.

Alena Khokhlova's cat is the main inspiration behind animals with a floral character on Thursday
“Majestic – a wealthy cat, as they like to think, is a real lion.”

At this time, Ruslan, a large, lazy cat, came to Alena. The cat’s favorite pastime was to lie on its back and show off its round belly. Alena responsibly decided to teach the cat to move, because together with her partner she lives from the roots of a healthy lifestyle.

Series of animals with a floral character by the Russian artist Alena Khokhlova on Thurs
“Tenderly attentive, sensitive, gentle, like early flowering starch grape hyacinth.”

The inspirational part of Alena Khokhlova’s Animals with Floral Characters began when she noticed that the cat had a keen interest in flowers and floral frames. This is how magic was created, as you can see in each of her uniquely creative images.

Alena’s cat was very interested in her flower arrangements

If you’re curious about what happened to Alena Khokhlova’s cat and the flowers he was chasing, it turns out that he became more active and even started playing with grass and lovingly exploring her beautiful flower arrangements.

Stunning white llama with flower arrangement makes part of animals with flower character by Alena Khokhlova on Thurs
“Breathtaking – brings out the most amazing and wildest feelings.”

Consequently, the same day after the skillful artist made a flower arrangement on a frame, the cat came up to smell it and stuck its nose directly on a crown. Alena Khokhlova shares:

I realized I could take a remarkable photo, so I grabbed my camera. Ruslan’s face was very expressive, although I have to admit it was his usual expression. I deliberately said “face” because I believed that he was human in his previous life.

As a result, she was shocked at how much love the picture received. People loved the picture and best of all, it even won an award. At that moment in her life, animals with a floral character were born and was the reason for her passion for this project.

Called Hypnotic, this image is part of Animals with a floral character by Alena Khokhlova on Thursday
“Hypnotic – a very influential dog who always gets what he wants.”

The heartfelt meaning behind animals with a floral character

To say that both animals and flowers add beauty and an immense dose of happiness to the environment would be an understatement. Flowers and animals are part of the DNA of the flora and fauna of our planet and are without a doubt an essential and crucial part of nature.

Hospitable is a flower dog in the series Animals with a flower character by Alena Khokhlova on Thurs
“Hospitable – a dog who likes to be treated and treated.”

Each animal, like each flower, has a unique personality that Alena has manifested to express and show through her art. The special meaning behind Animals with Floral Characters by Alena Khokhlova is how she tries to highlight their common purpose in the environment through photographs of animals with fresh floral decorations.

What animals belong to “Animals with a floral character” by Alena Khokhlova?

Fabulous looking cats, dogs, llamas and even foxes are adorned and drenched with floral accessories made from delicate blooms. In the series of animals with a floral character, Khokhlova made sure to emphasize the animal’s personality in each image.

Animals with a floral character by Alena Khokhlova will show rare examples of nature on Thursday
“Remarkable – a rare piece of nature.”

She also played with her creative abilities, giving each animal portrait names that she felt best reflected their essence and character.

See more of her work with cute animals

As mentioned, Alena made sure to find a specific word to describe each animal and what it represents in the picture with its floral adornments. If you’re curious to see her entire collection of animals with floral characters, be sure to visit her website.

Alena Khokhlova's artwork on Thurs
“Stealer of hearts – a fun-loving alpaca that, sparkling like champagne, just can’t sit still, energetic and fidgety as it is.”

Who feels even more in love with flowers and animals after seeing these amazing portraits?

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