East Peoria’s author, the picturesque Peoria tree, teaches children about death – 71Bait

PEORIA – It’s no coincidence that the picturesque oak tree in a new children’s book resembles the old oak tree on the High Street.

The long branches of the tree fall behind a little girl named Lola, who is pondering the imminent death of her beloved grandfather. The old tree has seen many friends come and go in its long life, so it’s the perfect being to explain the circle of life to Lola.

“All things are part of something greater. We are all connected in ways that we sometimes cannot see,” the tree tells the little girl.

A wish to give hope

East Peoria resident Susan Reising, a career development coach, wrote Lola and the Tree of Life to prepare children for the death of a loved one or pet. The aim was to create a positive understanding of the natural cycle of life. Children also learn that although their loved one may be gone, the person or pet will live on in the child’s memories.

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