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Matthew Smith

Mid-Century Miracle

An ode to LA’s legendary Dodger Stadium for its 60th birthday. By Matt Jaffe • Photos by Matthew Smith

In 1994, graves were found amid the plumbing of the Legion of Honor, and the museum turned over about 900 remains to the San Francisco Medical Examiner

Richard Barnes

Buried Stories

San Francisco’s Legion of Honor Museum and Lincoln Park Golf Course sit on the burial grounds of thousands of immigrants and those in need. Their stories – and some of their remains – are surfacing. By Beth Winegarner

US Coast Guard rescue illustration


Miracles on the mountain

Deep in California’s Trinity Alps, two firefighters battling a fast-moving blaze were seriously injured by a falling boulder. Your best option for survival: a Coast Guard team of four, skilled in sea rescue. By Julian Smith • Illustrations by Mark Smith

alta journal walker expedition, the sierra nevada near grover hot springs state park where the alta journal expedition picked up the trail of the walker party

death soul

Five men, six days and 34 miles through the Sierra Nevada

In which Alta Journal commissions an expedition to trace the first east-west traverse of the Sierra Nevada by non-Native people. In 1833, the voyage was marred by snowstorms, frostbite, and starvation; 189 years later, the winter conditions are not significantly different. By Robert Roper • Photos by Tod Seelie

Made in California

tung chiang, head of heath ceramics' recording studio in san francisco, in front of the company's signature bud vases

Christie Hemm Klok

stir pot

A Q&A with Tung Chiang, who keeps things rolling as the studio manager at legendary Heath Ceramics. Interview by Robert Ito • Photos by Christie Hemm Klok

Mikawaya mochi ice cream

Andrea D’Agosto

The Mochi Miracle

Combining ice cream with gummi rice for dessert had its risks. But the payoff was sweet. By Robert Ito • Photos by Andrea D’Agosto

seed packets

Andrea D’Agosto

bumper cultures

Watch your fall garden grow with a little help from these seed suppliers. By Joy Lanzendorfer • Photos by Andrea D’Agosto

Gabriel Tenorio in his Boyle Heights studio

Christina Gandolfo

Guitar String Hero

Using metal wires, nylon threads and everything in between, Gabriel Tenorio keeps the axes taut – and in tune. By Gustavo Arellano • Photos by Christina Gandolfo

shorthand stationary

Christina Gandolfo

paper pusher

The clean, crisp pages of a handcrafted journal help an author organize her thoughts. By Lynell George • Photos by Christina Gandolfo

Gladys Tamez In 2014, she launched her Gladys Tamez Millinery line from her showroom and studio in LA's arts district

Christina Gandolfo

heads up

A Q&A with Gladys Tamez, whose handcrafted hats outperform noggins from Lady Gaga to LeBron. Interview by Steffie Nelson • Photos by Christina Gandolfo

California whiskey

Andrea D’Agosto

Golden Dramas

Tap the casks of the state’s top whiskey purveyors. By Joy Lanzendorfer • Photos by Andrea D’Agosto

claudio mariani, owner of c mariani antiques in san francisco, educated in italy, mariani opened his workshop and gallery 36 years ago

Penny Gladstone

sages of the old world

For four decades, Claudio Mariani has been restoring or creating furniture using design techniques that date back centuries. By Jessica Zack • Photos by Penni Gladstone

Who knew, made in California

Chris Hardy

who knew

The story behind some surprising products born in the Golden State.

George Powell holds a Powell Peralta Dragon Formula Wheel and a Bones Brigade skateboard deck at the company's Ventura, California factory

Christina Gandolfo

Wheels of Fortune

A Q&A with George Powell, whose engineering mojo led to a revolution in skateboard design. Interview by Robert Ito • Photos by Christina Gandolfo

California jam

Andrea D’Agosto

jam session

Enjoy a little California sun – straight from the jar. By Lydia Lee • Photo by Andrea D’Agosto

Rachel Britten, Mendocino Grain Project

Penny Gladstone

flour child

A Q&A with Rachel Britten, who grows wheat in Northern California – not North Dakota. Interview by Lydia Lee • Photos by Penni Gladstone

vaer d5 arctic watcj

Andrea D’Agosto

A time to buy

One obsession with James Bond leads to another obsession: divers. By Ajay Orona • Photo by Andrea D’Agosto

ray howlett with a work in progress light sculpture at his studio north of los angeles

Christina Gandolfo

see the light

In dark times, Ray Howlett’s sculptures offered a mother some hope. By Monica Corcoran Harel • Photo by Christina Gandolfo


Natalia Molina

Dustin Snipes

Place, memory and history alive

By Natalia Molina

Why you should read this: A place on the Nayarit

By David L Ulin

Kim Stanley Robinson


An acceptable level of coherent narrative

By Kim Stanley Robinson

Why you should read this: The Gold Coast

By David L Ulin

jaime cortez


Because every Quijote has to pick a damn windmill and charge it up

By Jaime Cortez

Why you should read this: Gordo

By David L Ulin

mfk fischer


She wasn’t a food writer

The words of MFK Fisher—one of the finest, if overlooked, voices of 20th-century America—describe a grand celebration of ritual, meaning and life. By Jim Lewis • Illustration by Thomas Ehrlichsmann


Get your basics on with these must-reads from the famous author. By Jim Lewis

Marion Davies and William Randolph Heartest in Bad Nauheim, Germany, Davies' pet dachshund peeks his nose out of her coat


Marion Davies on her own terms

A new biography of the famous actress reveals that she is far more than William Randolph Hearst’s mistress. By Will Hearst

John Gregory Dunne

Steve Caroll

The dark season

John Gregory Dunne’s Vegas is an epic of denial. By David L. Ulin • Illustrations by Steve Carroll


Author Pia Hinckle near her home in San Francisco

Marissa Leschnow

“I would like a Catholic diaphragm, please”

Having grown up with all the freedom of a man, at the age of 19 I was faced with my first decision as a woman. By Pia Hinckle • Photos by Marissa Leshnov

ada briceño, West Orange County Democratic Club

Larry Hirshowitz

Si Se Puede

Orange County Political Leader Ada Briceño used the power of the protest to help the conservative bastion move from red to blue. Their next test: the 2022 midterm elections. By Gustavo Arellano • Photos by Larry Hirshowitz

Nicole Martin

Eric Draper

Trailblazer: Nicole Martin

Ensuring reproductive care. By Jessica Klein


christopher renfro examines vines at alemany farm in san francisco, in 2019 he revived the abandoned vineyard and started the 280 project

Penny Gladstone

A vineyard in San Francisco’s black belt

Christopher Renfro’s 280 Project gives a community a reason to get back to the farm. By Sydney Love • Photos by Penni Gladstone

fellow curator naz cuguoglu, left, and contemporary art curator abby chen, at the asian art museum in san francisco

Carolyn Fong

Bernice Bing comes into view

San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum is celebrating the work of a queer Chinese-American artist with a long-overdue retrospective. By Emily Wilson • Photo by Carolyn Fong

julie mehretu's howl, eon i, ii is a diptych made between 2016 and 17 and commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as a gift from Helen and Charles Schwab

© Julie Mehretu; Courtesy of the artist and Marian Goodman Gallery; Photos by Tom Powel Imaging

Why this art: Utopian high spirits by Julie Mehretu HOWLING, Aeon (I, II)

By Court Lurie

dying patient


Poetry: “Qualifying Animacy” and “Mourning Logic #6”

By Crystal AC Salas

Alexis Smith's mural

© Alexis Smith; COURTESY OF San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art

The Real Worlds of Alexis Smith

A retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego offers the first opportunity in 30 years to review the collages of this seminal Californian artist. By Hunter Drohojowska-Philp

Heidi Zuckerman, director and executive secretary of the Orange County Museum of Art

Dustin Snipes

Now open: The Big Orange

By Hunter Drohojowska-Philp

colored light background


Poetry: “A Brief History of the Pomona House Parties”

By Michael Torres

unsure, issa rae


Alta Picks: Our binge list

By Jessica Blough, Elizabeth Casillas, Anita Felicelli and Ajay Orona

Gate, Los Angeles

Gensler Architects

cities in the sky

The design for a high-rise in Los Angeles stacked multiple buildings and verticalized the neighborhoods into a single structure. It wasn’t built, but it casts a long shadow. By Joseph Giovannini

My Chicano heart, Daniel a Olivas

Victor Juhasz

Fiction: “My Chicano Heart”

By Daniel A. Olivas • Illustrations by Victor Juhasz

In every issue

Editor’s Note: Living Treasures of the American West

By Will Hearst



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