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LEXINGTON, Ky. (November 22, 2022) — A The University of Kentucky’s arts management partnership with the Lyric Theater and Cultural Arts Center gives students experience in event planning and management.

students from AAD 390: Programming & Event Planning to have volunteer the lyric theatre and Cultural Arts Center throughout the fall semester to experience the practical application of face-to-face teaching in the field of event management. As part of the partnership between the UK Department of Arts Administration and The Lyric, Executive Director and UK alumnus Whit Whitaker visited 390 AAD students on campus to discuss The Lyric’s mission-oriented work to prepare them for concerts and surrounding events.

Professor Jill Schinberg emphasized the importance of this “boots-on-the-ground” approach to community engagement, consistent with the university’s land grant mission and the College of Fine Arts’ collaborative relationship with Lexington institutions, often referred to as “town and gown.” “ be designated. Partnership.

Students often complain that classwork is hypothetical,” Schinberg said. “And you’re right. It can be very difficult to truly synthesize what they are learning into independent thinking without a tangible way of experiencing the content of the task. This partnership was created to connect classroom discussions and reading assignments with the realities of event planning and management.”

Prior to their involvement in events like this Jeanette Harris Jazz Night and The Drifters Anniversary Concert, AAD 390 students took part in a guided tour That Lyric to help contextualize the program of events with the mission and history of the arts and culture center and its importance to the surrounding East End neighborhood.

“Unfortunately, The Lyric is a venue in Lexington that is underserved,” said Shinberg. “In addition to valuable event experiences to blend course content with a real-world experience, the students were able to support a significant cultural institution in their community by donating their time and generosity – a hallmark of many arts administration students. ”

Whitaker praised the professionalism of the art administration students.

“The students who volunteered for the Jeanette Harris and The Drifters concerts were outstanding, well prepared, eager to listen and learn, well mannered, professional and such a pleasure to work with‘ Whitaker said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of her artistic educational journey.”

Whitaker has been Managing Director of The Lyric since 2019 and received his bachelor’s degree in music performance and a master’s degree in arts administration from the UK. As an artist and leader of the Lexington arts community, he has worked with the Lexington Singers, the Kentucky Bach Choir, and the American Spiritual Ensemble. He is a member of community boards such as LexArts, The Lexington Children’s Theater and the KY 988 Mental Health Coalition. He is President of the Lexington-Fayette NAACP and a member of the Mayor’s Commission for Racial Justice and Equality.

After her Work at The Lyric, student meeting as a class. Schinberg said that not only were they doing a valuable service to a local arts organization, but they also learned that things weren’t going as planned. In addition, cultural administration needs a team ready to intervene where help is needed. Good customer service is important, but not always easy.

“Our students did a great job‘ said Shinberg. “I wanted them to be present as part of the course, but they really embraced the experience. It was great to see them out in the world, in action, dedicating their time and effort to this important cultural institution. As if that wasn’t enough, they represented The Lyric, the faculty, the college and the university like rock stars – I’m so proud of them.”

There are several things I have been able to do through my classes and through listening to professors and other faculty that I would not have known about if only I had been in the community.

In class, we spend time talking about all of these aspects of arts management (event planning, fundraising, marketing, etc.), but some of us don’t really look for internships in all areas of arts management, which means we don’t really get around that put into practice what we learn in the classroom,” Cox explained. “I’m grateful that this partnership allows current UK students to work alongside alumni like Whit and gives us a sense of what we can achieve with our degrees and lessons after graduation.”

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