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Hey, hello! I’m back with your new copy of the Brooklyn Daily, fresh off the press. Here’s all the local news you need to know right now including:

  • The Brooklyn Museum is adding more than 200 new works to its collection to expand the storytelling initiative
  • Gowanus is seeking stakeholder membership for a new rezoning task force
  • The residents of Bed-Stuy give hell to the Landmark Preservation Commission after the demolition of the Dangler Mansion

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Here are today’s top stories in Brooklyn:

1. The Brooklyn Museum has strengthened its storytelling capabilities with more than 200 acquisitions this year. On the surface, the additions seem to be kind of everywhere: from a full-size beaded caravan, to an ancient Egyptian relief associated with King Tutankamen, to a cache of watercolors by Emily Sargent (John Singer Sargent’s overlooked sister, whose works were often attributed to him), the expanded holdings demonstrate the museum’s commitment to telling new stories from a greater variety of perspectives. Many of the new works will be placed in the Americas Art Wing and have been curated with a focus on showcasing more artwork by Black, Asian American, Native American and women artists who have historically been excluded from mainstream art history.

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2. A Crown Heights resident and former supervisor says his landlord made his life “hell” after refusing a takeover – neighbors and elected officials rallied outside his building this weekend to support him. Francis Roberts, a tenant of 972 Park Place, has filed a lawsuit against landlord Yehuda Gruenberg, alleging he has been under siege since Gruenberg acquired the building last April. According to court records and reports, Robert’s list of bizarre grievances included sewage, squatters, drug use and chickens. Councilor Chi Ossé, Member of State Assembly Brian Cunningham and about 150 locals gathered outside the Roberts building on Sunday to protest on his behalf. And not to mention Robert’s own extensive list of issues, his issues make up just a small portion of 225 outstanding housing violations listed for 972 Park Place, according to city records.


3. Police are still searching for a group of trigger-happy individuals who opened fire in front of Kennedy King’s playground at East 93rd Street and Clarkson Avenue in early November. Around 5 p.m. on November 7, the group fired multiple times into the children’s public recreation area, allegedly targeting another group in the playground. Luckily no one was hit by the onslaught. The NYPD just released CCTV footage of three suspects being wanted for questioning. Visit the link to see and learn more.


4. Local Gowanus stakeholders will be appointed to an oversight group to ensure the plan to rededicate the area stays true to its commitments. As part of the Gowanus 82-block rededication plan, the city agreed to set up a task force to keep things in check and ensure all elements of the plan are adhered to, particularly the ‘56 points of agreement,’ which outline committed community investments. A group moderator has already been named, but they’re still looking for members to join the oversight group – yes, Brooklyn, that means they want you! Local stakeholders are encouraged to apply to become charter members of the task force by November 30.

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5. The residents of Bed-Stuy have been put at risk by the demolition of a beloved 120-year-old building. Despite overwhelming support for Bed-Stuy’s landmarked Dangler Mansion, developer Tomer Erlich of Brooklyn 360 Realty forcibly demolished the building in July. The only explanation was a major (and some believe malicious) oversight by the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) that let the landmarking process slip through the cracks. Residents have filled a list of demands to the LPC, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB), the Mayor’s Office and Tomer Erlich. Listers have tracked down Erlich’s messy real estate history, which has earned him a reputation for tenant harassment and poor facility management. Councilor Chi Ossé is among those urging the LPC and DOB to ensure that Erlich, among other things, “recovers Jacob Dangler’s mansion at 441 Willoughby Ave. rebuilt stone by stone”.


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Today in Brooklyn:

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🐝 Brooklyn Buzz:

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