Garry Trudeau dives into NFTs and sells “Doonesbury” flicks in an auction – 71Bait

Comment on this story comment NFTs still represented a strange new world for many cartoonists last year when Jason Chatfield decided to convene an online forum to answer the question: With crypto art selling by the millions, would blockchain hold any promise for comic book creators? “Back then, the environmental concerns were so great that … Read more

Who was Kawanabe Kyosai and why was his artwork important? – – 71Bait

When it comes to 19th-century Japanese printmaking, Hiroshige and Hokusai have dominated the conversation. But a third character, Kawanabe Kyōsai, has begun to make public appearances outside of Japan, thanks in part to a recently completed poll at London’s Royal Academy of Arts. Notorious for both his art and eccentric personality during his lifetime, Kyōsai … Read more

Rainbow Bruise – The Brooklyn Rail – 71Bait

to see Euqinom GalleryMay 21–May 6 Aug 2022san francisco Responding to what she calls our “soft apocalypse,” Klea McKenna brings new urgency to her cameraless photography techniques, greatly expanding her palette with twenty-two analogue prints and twenty NFTs. your exhibition title, Rainbow bruise, aptly conveys the photographs’ sensual fusion of physical and visual experience, achieved … Read more

Quarries—The Brooklyn Rail – 71Bait

to see officeJune 4 – July 30, 2022new York She says, “I’m going to my brother’s room. He hasn’t used his hands in over a year. You look really strange.” But we don’t see her brother or his hands. Instead, the silhouette of Ga’s fingers pushes a photo of a single flower onto a windowsill … Read more

Manga Manga is Cincinnati’s new one-stop shop for fans of Japanese comics | culture | cincinnati – 71Bait

click to enlarge Photo: Sean M Peters C. Jacqueline Wood is the owner of Manga Manga in College Hill. C. Jacqueline Wood likes to say that manga found her – not the other way around. After years of working in the non-profit and freelance art world, she was looking for a career change. That change … Read more

As teens’ mental health deteriorates, schools are learning how to help – 71Bait

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of harming or killing yourself, you can get help by calling the confidential National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK. Teenage mental health was already deteriorating before the coronavirus pandemic. In the two years since, the isolation, grief and fear caused by school closures, deaths and … Read more

Job as a Teaching Fellow in Graphic Arts (Illustration) at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON – 71Bait

UG Studies location: Winchester School of Art salary: £31,406 to £38,587 pro rata per yearPart-time unlimited (21 hours per week) Deadline: Tuesday, 08/02/2022 Interview date: To confirm Relation: 1896922FH If you are interested in teaching illustration, this role is for you Diversity is as critical to graphics and illustration as it is to Winchester’s ambition … Read more

Paula Rego – The Brooklyn Rail – 71Bait

to see Picasso MuseumApril 27-March 21 Aug 2022Málaga, Spain Humans have an innate tendency to look for narratives where often there are none. Stories allow us to break down complex issues into easily digestible elements, find patterns in randomness, and make sense of our existence. Perhaps in psychological arguments we find the reason for Paula … Read more

10 Popular Anime Rated Higher Than Their Manga Versions (According to MyAnimeList) – 71Bait

The latest popular anime adaptation of a manga series, spy x family, completed the first half of its inaugural season last Saturday and will now continue in the fall schedule. Most manga series are ranked higher than their anime adaptations. The main reasons are timeless illustrations, descriptions and details in the manga. Story branching, depth … Read more