National Digital Archive project absorbs Vermont music album covers – 71Bait

Some members of Big Heavy World’s volunteer crew with archival totes containing 5,000 cataloged Vermont music recordings. Right to left: James Lockridge, Abbey Berger-Knorr, Ross Mickel and Nico Zachman. Photo by Aaron Cross. Vermont Business Magazine The Green Mountain Digital Archive (VT-GMDA) is a collaborative statewide initiative to bring Vermont’s digital cultural content to a … Read more

‘Crack a Smile’: Ken Done and Rosie Deacon Bring Bright Color to Ben Quilty’s New Regional Gallery | art – 71Bait

A splash of color and a touch of joy brought winter sunshine to the country’s newest regional art gallery, with a joint exhibition of new works by two unlikely collaborators. Last November, acclaimed artist Ben Quilty realized his ambition to open a public gallery in his neighborhood in the southern highlands of New South Wales: … Read more

What collectors need to know about shipping art – 71Bait

Most artworks are static. Consequently, risk increases when art is moved – either within a gallery or collection or between locations. There are dozens of famous examples of artworks lost, stolen or damaged in transit – by Francisco de Goya children with a cart (1779), stolen near Scranton, Pennsylvania, in 2006 en route to the … Read more

5 tips for first-time art collectors – 71Bait

art market Brian P. Kelly Beginning your art collecting journey can be an intimidating process. Some brick and mortar galleries can feel stuffy, elitist, and unwelcoming. Prices may not be readily apparent. Works may appear to be for sale when in fact they have already been reserved for VIP customers. In discussions, the vocabulary – … Read more

Thomas County Public Library | local news – 71Bait

THOMASVILLE LIBRARY: THOUGHTS: What would our world be without books? Without stories, poetry, music, art? This morning I finished an essay in Terry Tempest Williams’ collection Erosion, this essay is a series of letters to her father and her words brought tears to my eyes. It was a much needed release of emotions and she … Read more

What are tiki mugs and how do you collect them? – 71Bait

What is a tiki mug? The artists who make the ceramic cocktail glasses say they are there to further the theatrical tiki story. (Photo: Getty Creative) Tiki culture is much more than expertly crafted cocktails that bartenders struggle to create—it’s all about theatrics. The incredibly immersive cocktail caves are like intimate movie sets, chock-full of … Read more

The San Francisco School teaches car restoration – and houses a fantastic car collection – 71Bait

Academy of Arts University Given the gray beards that usually crowd the classic car show crowd, wrestling the future of the hobby is a tradition. The challenge is to get more young people involved and some players like Hagerty have embraced that with youth programs. Auto restorers are also at risk of obsolescence, which is … Read more

Robert Adams’ photography captures the beautiful, vanishing American landscape : NPR – 71Bait

robert adams, Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs1969 Gelatin silver print Image: 14 x 14.9 cm (5 1/2 x 5 7/8 in.) Private Collection, San Francisco. © Robert Adams, courtesy of Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco Hide caption toggle caption © Robert Adams, courtesy of Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco robert adams, Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs1969 Gelatin silver print … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to NFTs – 71Bait

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are assets on a blockchain with unique data that differentiates them from one another. NFTs are also cryptocurrencies on the blockchain, but unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, there can only be one primordial form of a given NFT. They are called non-fungible tokens because there can only ever be one form of a … Read more