The new Trump documentary shows us exactly what he’s so good at – 71Bait

But even the Trumps’ great efforts to control their presentation here, to gloss over the post-election madness, reveal something about the family’s mindset and how they may have collectively dealt with the 2020 election defeat. As the documentary shows, long before Trump entered the political arena, when the family business was real estate and casinos … Read more

21 questions for the architect James Wines – 71Bait

Photo illustration: Braked. Photo: Courtesy of James Wines new York‘s 21 Questions is back with creative New Yorkers in mind. James Wines is the founder of SITE, an architecture andenvironmental art Company known for BEST Products’ postmodern retail storesthe Shake Shack outpost in Madison Square Park, the OFF-WHITE boutiques in Tokyo and Gwanggyo, and 1980s … Read more

Alumna Digital Photography Startup Platform Opens Global Access | GW today – 71Bait

By Nick Erickson In 2010, Facebook was just four years old, and while it had 700 million users worldwide, it was nowhere near the giant it is today, with almost 3 billion accounts around the world. Back then, teenagers would inundate the relatively new platform with continued conversations from the school cafeteria or an anguished … Read more

An introduction to Gainesville’s DIY art scene – 71Bait

The spirit that propelled Gainesville — the former Florida punk hotspot — to its local prominence was transformed. Embracing its ingenuity by any means necessary, it didn’t lose its decentralized creative community after the ’90s. It thrives in the form of DIY artists and venues. By definition, the “do-it-yourself” philosophy focuses on gathering resources to … Read more

Mastering the Art of Collaboration: Northgate teachers complete a master’s program – 71Bait

Two Northgate High School art teachers have become students again. An exhibition of their collaborative artworks is currently on view at the Françoise Gilot Gallery at the Nixon Center for Performing and Visual Arts. The exhibition, titled “In the Third Person,” is the culmination of more than a year of work – with most of … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Using (and Exploding) Horror Tropes ‹ CrimeReads – 71Bait

When I started writing scared mares, my upcoming young adult horror novel, I wanted to channel the fun, wacky feel of a ’90s slasher movie. I wanted my readers to find their favorite elements of these films within the pages while providing surprise, jump scares, and satisfying twists. However, I haven’t written a proper slasher … Read more

How making art helps improve mental health | Science – 71Bait

Patients struggling with everything from ADHD to eating disorders have turned to art therapy for help. Illustration by Emily Lankiewicz Like many others, Andrea Cooper has been feeling increasingly isolated and lonely during the coronavirus pandemic. Cooper, a retired graphic designer and amateur folk musician who runs a grant-funded arts program for cancer patients at … Read more

Celebrate Summer at the Mall 2022! – 71Bait

Free celebrations and fun for all. The whole summer long. UBC is stunning year-round, but summertime is somehow extra special. And after spending the past two summers with many community members working and learning from home, we’re inspired to get out and celebrate by bringing back Summer on the Mall – a series of pop-up … Read more

The “forgotten” artist outlined his journey from Willmar to Disney and Bugs in California – 71Bait

Sketching himself straight out of Depression-era Minnesota, Ralph Heimdahl used his dexterous right hand to illustrate his journey from Willmar to Walt Disney’s animation division in Burbank, California. After working on classic cartoons like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia and Pinocchio, Heimdahl spent three decades drawing the daily Bugs Bunny comic for more … Read more