Shueisha & VIZ Media Target Massive Manga Piracy Site “Manganato” *TorrentFreak – 71Bait

home > complain > apps and websites > Manga giants Shueisha & VIZ Media are preparing legal action against two major manga piracy platforms. The main target is, a massive website that gets 167 million visits per month, more than The Pirate Bay and Fmovies combined. The second target,, is a comparatively small … Read more

Where to Watch and Read Samurai Deeper Kyo – 71Bait

Anime and manga fans looking for a historical adventure series will be delighted Samurai Deep Kyo. While manga and anime differ significantly from each other, both offer an exciting, supernaturally charged chanbara, or sword fighting series. Samurai Deep Kyo is a Tokugawa-era action-adventure series with the added stakes of a powerful dormant entity residing within … Read more

This street in Bengaluru is full of bookstores – 71Bait

The Garden City – also known as Bengaluru – is a cultural hub, a melting pot of people who have migrated from different parts of the country. Many of the people who live here are middle-class or college students—basically those who have a knack for reading. On the way home from their offices, colleges and … Read more

Western games with manga – 71Bait

video games and comics can often go hand in hand. sound, megaman, street fighter and even Decap Attack went from the shores of Japan to printed sites in the west. Fans have also debated and debated the merits of each comic run, from the ironically entertaining one Tekken forever to Sonic the Comicwhich was essentially … Read more

12 anime based on classic literature – 71Bait

The vast majority of manga and anime these days are based on manga or Japanese light novels – but that’s not always the case. A few decades ago there was a trend to adapt classic Western literary works. Occasionally anime give their own fresh take on popular classics and deliver new and intriguing stories. If … Read more