Swivel Gallery’s Graham Wilson on his community-driven approach to the commercial art world – 71Bait

art market Osman Can Yerebakan Graham Wilson, founder of the Swivel Gallery. Photo by Jean Bourbon. Courtesy of Graham Wilson. Swivel Gallery founder Graham Wilson has had many lives in the art world – artist, art dealer, artist manager, assistant. ‘Gallerist’ was added to this varied background when he opened his own offices in Bed-Stuy … Read more

Turn flowers into works of art, gifts and even food | Winston-Salem Monthly – 71Bait

Gardens of beautiful flowers blossom throughout the Triad. Here, where summers are off the calendar and temperatures stay warm well into fall, there are still many months of harvest left. Eventually summer flowers will fade and die with the frost… But that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to those gorgeous blooms. We asked … Read more

Childhood Memories in the Junkyard: A Conversation with Kiona Callihoo Ligtvoet – 71Bait

This is the fourth article in a four-part series about the honorees of the 2022 LGAAA Emerging Artist Award in Edmonton. Artist Kiona Callihoo Ligtvoet recalls growing up in Scrapland with her Moshoms and relatives and uses her art to create a personal archive of those stories and experiences. Callihoo Ligtvoet’s work focuses on painting … Read more