Jay Chou’s new album Greatest Works of Art is the star’s most ambitious project – 71Bait

Jay Chou likes to think big. His latest music release, Greatest Works of Art, isn’t just the mando-pop king’s first full-length album after a six-year hiatus. The lavish, international production of the album’s eponymous first single and accompanying music video features the “cameos” of some of the biggest names in art history. It prepares Chou … Read more

An Invitation to Caring: New Exhibition at the Charles Allis Art Museum Explores the ‘Ghosts of Segregation’ – 71Bait

Beginning July 28, the Charles Allis Art Museum in Milwaukee will host Ghosts of Segregation: America’s Continuing Struggle, a traveling photo exhibition that explores the enduring presence of segregation, slavery, and institutional racism hidden in everyday American architecture . Through his visual work, Washington state photographer Richard Allen Frishman demonstrates how the built environment stands … Read more

Actors Jeff Williams and Michael Glavan paint the Depot Theater RED | news – 71Bait

WESTPORT – RED. Rothko. Depot. That’s enough to get audiences hooked on what director Elliot Wasserman and actors Jeff Williams (Mark Rothko) and Michael Glavan (Ken, studio assistant) were up to in Westport. The Depot Theater’s production of playwright John Logan’s award-winning 2010 play “RED” transcends the depths of abstract expressionist Mark Rothko (1903-1970), art … Read more

opinion | What a few lame parodies say about the parody of the state of the media – 71Bait

Newspaper history waddles with examples of editors and reporters making things up for laughs or cutting to the chase. In the 1800s, editors stuffed their pages with made-up tales of monsters, disasters, and fantastical nonsense to keep their readers busy. Great tales of man-eating trees, life on the moon, and cotton-picking monkeys, as reported by … Read more

Craft soda from St. Charles East Alums is now available at local breweries and restaurants – 71Bait

Frank Schiffner and his friend Josh Carnell have been interested in unique sodas since they were students at St. Charles East High School. From the history of old soda companies to the original flavors and artful bottles, the couple traveled to various farmers markets and grocery stores across the area in search of the perfect … Read more

Student merges scenes from his childhood into his paintings – 71Bait

Junior Kareem Moumina spent his childhood in Saudi Arabia and the Philippines, using the unique locations as inspiration for his large-scale landscape artworks. Surrounded by half a dozen of his own massive canvases, it’s hard to believe that University of Miami junior Kareem Moumina didn’t have formal painting classes until three years ago. But aside … Read more