French Montana unveils plans to revolutionize music and crypto with Web3, NFTs and Metaverse – 71Bait

Speak exclusively to Head of PR at ChangeNOW Mike Ermolaev, 17-time Billboard Global Top 10 rapper French Montana, has made a major announcement of entering the cryptocurrency space — a move that will revolutionize music, Web 3, and NFT ecosystems. French Montana previously announced at Miami NFT Week 2022 that his upcoming album “Montega” will … Read more

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What do former Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey and Keralite software developer Faisel Kachappilly have in common? Put simply, both have explored the possibility of making money with Nonfungible Tokens (NFT). An NFT is a unique digital certificate that indicates who owns a photo, video, or other form of online media. Each NFT is … Read more

Are screenshots affecting the NFT digital art industry? – 71Bait

The introduction of NFTs marked a paradigm shift in the art world. Since launching in 2021, these digital artworks have commanded astronomical prices, with some of the most sought-after NFTs selling for millions of dollars. NFTs are also known for sparking gas wars, with users trying to outdo each other by paying higher transaction fees … Read more