Tasmanian visual artist Tom O’Hern on how he became ‘good at drawing really bad’ – 71Bait

Artist Tom O’Hern says he would probably make more money venturing into Tasmania’s wilder lands with some oil paints than he would through the artistic path he chose. Instead of mastering the landscape, he said he had become bad at drawing. “I’d like to be out in the wild somewhere with a huge canvas with … Read more

Sketch bought at Estate Sale for $30 could be Dürer drawing worth $50 million | Smart Messages – 71Bait

attributed to Albrecht Dürer, The Virgin and Child with a Flower on a Grassy Bencharound 1503 Courtesy of Agnews Gallery In 2016, at a Massachusetts real estate sale, an alert buyer bought a drawing on a whim. The square of unframed, faded linen featured an elegant sketch of a mother and child — and a … Read more

AROUND CAPE ANN: Finnish-American theater is coming to town | news – 71Bait

Finnish-American theater is woven into Cape Ann’s cultural riches and returns this week alongside Swedish and Norwegian humor in a celebration of Midsummer Fest. The show will be performed as a scenic reading performed as The Cape Ann Home Companion radio show, which includes two one-act plays, a recitation, courtesy of author Garrison Keillor, of … Read more

The newly nationally recognized Appomattox artist looks back on his career in art | local news – 71Bait

Art has fascinated Ed Gowen for as long as he can remember. “My mother told me that I draw since I was tall enough to hold a pencil,” said the Appomattox-based artist. He remembers getting his first oil painting set when he was 12, a gift from a school teacher, but he says he only … Read more

Ipswich’s own: Arthur Wesley Dow on exhibition | news – 71Bait

IPSWICH – Essex County has its own hidden gem of the art world and American art history in Arthur Wesley Dow, artist, educator and “influencer” who painted iconic scenes on the North Shore, founded the Ipswich Summer School of Art and even taught art to young people Georgia O’Keeffe. Dow is doing justice these days … Read more