Alnoba’s outdoor sculpture collection is a mesmerizing display of art that provokes and inspires A&E – 71Bait

Halfway through the eclectic sculpture tour, I’m in tune, if a bit confused. It’s mid-morning, the bugs aren’t biting thanks to a nice breeze, and I’m standing in a sun-drenched field on Alnoba’s sprawling 1,500-acre property in Kensington. I stopped for a moment to contemplate a sea of ​​wildflowers framed by green branches and a … Read more

Open source encyclopedia summarizes 10,000 years of Indian art history in one place | news – 71Bait

From prehistoric Bhimbetka cave paintings to the works of contemporary art stars such as Atul Dodiya and Shilpa Gupta, India has a rich cultural heritage dating back over 10,000 years. So it came as a surprise to one of the country’s leading collectors, businessman and philanthropist Abhishek Poddar, that there was not a single source … Read more