The Etruscan Sarcophagus of Spouses: A Feast for the Dead – 71Bait

The sarcophagus of the spouses is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of Etruscan art. Originating in Italy between the Arno and Tiber rivers, the Etruscans are well known in the art history world for their terracotta sculptures and funerary art. The sarcophagus of the spouses is perhaps the most famous example of Etruscan funerary … Read more

How the radical feminist artists of the 1970s can help us navigate our monstrous times – 71Bait

Carolee Schneemann’s Eye Body: 36 Transformative Actions for the Camera, 1963Carolee Schneemann Foundation To see radical feminist art today is to experience an onslaught of contradictions. The works, created in response to the oppression of women in the 1970s, read like a current headline. Iranian protesters’ chants of “women, life, freedom” were heard around the … Read more

Team USA withstands the challenge of Serbia to advance to the semifinals of the FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup – 71Bait

2:49 p.m. ET Alexa PhilippouESPN Close Includes women’s college basketball and the WNBA Previously, UConn and the WNBA covered the Connecticut Sun for the Hartford Courant Stanford graduate and Baltimore native with additional experience at Dallas Morning News, Seattle Times and Cincinnati Enquirer SYDNEY — It’s been a minute since Team USA fell a step … Read more

How anime and manga sexism fuels misogyny – 71Bait

Japan’s much-hyped and popular manga and anime reveal sexist ideals deeply ingrained in society, while some even feature child pornography. The implications are far-reaching, but experts say there is hope. In the world famous manga and anime doraemon, the male protagonist’s constant desire to catch a glimpse of his crush – an elementary school student … Read more

Frida Kahlo: How a devastating bus accident changed her life and inspired her art – 71Bait

When Frida Kahlo was 18, it seemed like she was on the verge of conquering the life she had envisioned. The daughter of a German artist father and a Mexican mother wanted to be a doctor since childhood. She pursued that dream through her studies at the National Preparatory School in Mexico City, about an … Read more

Simon de Pury’s bold new auction venture is a real success as all 16 lots were sold by female artists – 71Bait

Veteran dealer and auctioneer Simon de Pury’s latest venture has been a real success, as revealed at today’s online auction, where all 16 lots on offer – all by women artists and created over the last two and a half years – have been sold. The hammer total was $704,500 compared to expectations of at … Read more

Women in the Metaverse want to make Web3 more diverse and safer for everyone – 71Bait

Candice Houtekier, Toronto-based founder of Art Collision, wants to amplify the voices of women in the Metaverse.handouts Candice Houtekier, the Toronto-based founder and director of digital marketing agency Art Collision, aims to merge art with technology and make Web3 a more inclusive place. Unlike Web1 (the dawn of the internet) or Web2 (the rise of … Read more

Tips for beginners on eye makeup brushes – 71Bait

Mastering the art of eye makeup is not an easy task. First of all, for makeup lovers, it is important to know how to use makeup tools to bring that magic to your face. It’s important to understand the basics in order to focus on the sparkling look. Once you know what kind of brush … Read more