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Summer school classes at Northeastern State University begin Tuesday, May 31st and it’s not too late to register.

While some students prefer to spend the summer months working, taking long vacations, traveling the world, or playing video games, others see the summer semester as an opportunity to get ahead. For others, it’s a way to catch up on lost credits or repeat a failed class.

“Summer School allows students to make progress toward their graduation goals throughout the year. For students who are fully resilient in the fall and spring, summer courses can help reduce the time to graduation. For students who attend time in the fall and spring, summer courses can help them ‘catch up’ on their degrees and stay on track four years from now,” said Mike Chanslor, dean of the College of Liberal Arts at NSU.

Before enrolling in the courses, it is important to first be enrolled at the university. Candidates can do this by completing an undergraduate application for Summer 2022.

Open enrollment opened in mid-March, but students can still select classes by logging into their student account online at and clicking the “Student” tab. Student holds must also be cleared before they can register for class. You can review holds that can be placed for academic work that is due or past payments by clicking on the Student tab.

“Summer school can be a good idea for some students. Based on course offerings and student needs, enrolling in summer courses can help students graduate earlier, add credentials such as a second major, or allow for more flexibility or a reduced course load during the regular fall and spring semesters. Since students typically take fewer courses during the summer, this can also be a good way to focus on courses that may be prerequisites for higher-level courses, or those that may require a student to devote more time and attention to study “said Julia Carlo, NSU Executive Director of University Advice.

Summer is also a great time for students whose programs require internships, or programs that allow internships for elective credits. Internships offer students the opportunity to apply the lessons learned in the classroom to a practical work or research-based setting.

“Internships also make great resumes for the future and allow students to explore opportunities for continued growth and understanding,” said Carlo.

This year students can take courses in Accounting, Accounting/Financial Analysis, Native American Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Arts, Biology, Business Administration, Business Law, Chemistry, Cherokee, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Counseling, Crime, Justice, Drama, Early Childhood Education, Economics, Education , Elementary Education, English, Finance, Geography, Health Administration, Health Education, History, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Information Systems, Library Media, Management, Marketing, Business Administration, Public Health, Mathematics, Media Studies, Medical Laboratory Science, Medical Technology, Music Care, Nutritional Science, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Organizational leadership, sports, medical assistant studies, political science, vocational MBA, psychology, reading, leisure, natural sciences, social work, sociology, Spanish, special education, speech therapy, technology, university and women’s and gender S studies

“The Summer School offers a similar range of courses to the regular year. It’s a combination of core requirements and general education courses,” Chanslor said.

Many students like to go to lectures in the summer semester because the courses are shorter. To account for the duration, students must remember not to take too many courses as the coursework is more solidified.

“Most summer courses are offered online, which is very convenient for students. Also, there are multiple time frames for courses. Students can still enroll in eight-week and four-week June, four-week July and second seven-week courses. Students can contact their academic advisor for help with enrollment,” Chanslor said.

Many NSU professors enjoy the summer school because it gives them the opportunity to earn some extra money.

“The summer school primarily helps NSU by giving the faculty an opportunity to earn extra income as they are paid per course,” he said.

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