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While most manga are fairly popular on their own, there’s no denying that when their anime adaptations are of the highest quality, those works really do go mainstream… with a few exceptions. People who embark on this amazing anime generally tend to dismiss the manga as they think the adaptation has already covered everything told in the manga anyway. As a result, reading the manga almost seems like a waste of time for many fans.

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However, there are times when the anime just doesn’t cover the entire story like it should. This is mainly for a litany of reasons, and it doesn’t have to detract from the quality of the anime. However, there is no denying that people should read the manga of the following anime adaptations to get a complete picture of the story.


10 bleaching

This entry probably won’t age well with the Thousand-Year Blood War arc being adjusted soon. However, prior to this news, most people accepted the fact that the original story of bleaching would indeed have remained incomplete for quite a while.

This made the manga required reading for fans of the series. Watching Ichigo gain an enhanced version of his Zangetsu and battle the mighty Yhwach was something beautiful and indeed made for a great time.

9 Wonderland of the Dead

Wonderland of the Dead was an anime that started on a great note. However, the removal of a key supporting character and poor pacing ultimately caused the show to fall off and no second season could be secured.

Now the manga is the only way to get the full picture of the story. It’s a great read and really messes up at times, even more so than the anime…which is saying a lot!

8th Gantz

Speaking of screwed up stories, it’s impossible not to mention them Gantz. With a simple premise in which the dead are given a chance to fight for their right to return to the land of the living, the events of Gantz can really get messed up.

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The anime series and film are pretty decent on their own, but they’re remarkably incomplete and don’t contain the full story of Gantz. Instead, people who are excited about this premise should just watch the manga instead to get the full story.

7 noblesse

It could be cheating to bet noblesse on this list given that it is a manhwa. It’s a minor technicality, though, and most people appreciate the idea of ​​this underappreciated medium getting some much-needed attention.

Crunchyroll has taken a great initiative to adapt some of the more popular manhwa. Unfortunately, most of these customizations are pretty lackluster as well noblesse is no exception here. People who want to get a full picture of the history of this series should just stop wasting their time and watch the manhwa instead.

6 God’s tower

God’s tower is another popular manhwa that has received a long overdue anime adaptation. While the first few episodes of this show were pretty great, the pace of the series really got out of hand later on.

This made it almost mandatory to check out God’s tower‘s Manhwa instead, to review history as it should be. With a second season yet to come out for this show, reading the manwha becomes even more important for fans of the series.

5 trigun

trigun is a pretty awesome anime series that has been slowly declining in popularity over time. It’s a shame, especially since the show had a ton of promises that ended up wasting on an ending in the anime original.

The manga will become essential reading for people who want a complete picture of what happened in the series. Definitely worth it given the high quality trigun‘s story and its charming characters.

4 Claymore

Claymore is a great dark fantasy series that every fan of the genre should check out. The protagonist, Claire, begins as the weakest member of the Claymores before developing extensively as the series progresses.

However, just like trigun, Claymore turned away from the manga’s plot and opted for an ending in the original anime, which discouraged many fans. Luckily, the adaptation has resulted in the series becoming quite popular, with the manga being a great read that ends as it should have been.

3 berserk

The late great Kentaro Miura is responsible for writing what is arguably the most influential manga of all time. The themes, motifs and images of berserk are so iconic that they continue to influence modern novels to this day.

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A berserk The adaptation was bound to fail considering how difficult it would have been to adapt the beautiful source material. So it’s better to just read the manga instead…especially if the alternative is to watch the horrific 2016 adaptation.

2 elf song

elf song is notorious for being one of the most violent anime. Difficult to watch for many, the first episode shows just how evil Lucy really is.

However, this character has a softer side that is explored in the anime… before abruptly ending with an ending that doesn’t clear up most of the stuck plot points. Viewers who wanted to see the full picture had to watch the manga instead, which was pretty awesome on its own.

1 Hunter X Hunter

Yoshihiro Togashi is one of the most iconic mangaka of all time. His work on classics like Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter are simply in a league of their own, although the latter has taken several breaks that have left fans endlessly irritated.

That Hunter X Hunter Anime is easily one of the best ways to experience the series, covering some of the series’ best arcs. However, not the entire story has been adapted and viewers will have to watch the manga to find out what happens after the anime ends.

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