How a stunning bouquet of flowers from J’adore Les Fleurs elevates any room – 71Bait

Meet the company responsible for transforming any ordinary space into an elevated space with a luxurious focal point. Meet J’adore Les fleurs, which means translated “I love flowers” in French. JLF is responsible for the booming luxury floral industry we’re seeing thriving across Southern California. The company was co-founded by Alisa Tovmanyan (fashion designer) and … Read more

Bridgerton Production Designer on Inspiration for Series Floral Arrangements – The Hollywood Reporter – 71Bait

The wildness of nature contrasts with the careful curation of a television, but on Netflix’s Bridgerton, The two work together to create a colorful pastiche of a bygone era, steeped in opulence and beauty. In the show’s first season, floral arrangements provided the backdrop to a storyline that captivated viewers with its passion and dramatic … Read more