Peter Blake’s Under Milk Wood drawings combine pop art pep with dreamy poetry – 71Bait

All images in this piece are from Images for Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas by Peter Blake © Courtesy of the artist/Waddington Custot (2) Combining pictorial and literary expression, the artist’s book is a wonderful alchemy – mysterious, unpredictable, beyond conventional illustration. It is one of the great forms of collaboration of the past … Read more

What have I learned from the swampy dirt of the Florida Trail? That I’m a kink hiker. – 71Bait

“],”renderIntial”:true,”wordCount”:350}”> Fellow hikers invariably laughed when I told them I was going to do it Florida trail Beginning of the year. Some friends had sworn it never to do the 1,100-mile hike notorious for long walks on tarmac, surprising encounters with wildlife and dogs that love to hunt. Those who did giggled and sighed before … Read more

Technical fatigue is real for teachers and students. Here’s how to reduce the stress – 71Bait

The interactive smartboard in Denise Beasley’s high school classroom was designed to make life easier: help her present digital lessons, address diverse learning styles, and increase student engagement by allowing children to interact with images. Instead, adding another technology to their classroom had the opposite effect. “It was just crazy,” she says. With a recent … Read more

Art competition tries to impress Kremlin’s fake war narrative on kids – 71Bait

SAKMARA, Russia — One day, Mikhail Saleichuk’s little son, Kirill, came to him with a strange-sounding question: “Dad, what is a special operation?” Next, Kirill wanted to know if his father had ever been to war. “‘Is it true that someone could attack us?’” Saleichuk recalls his son’s question. Kirill attends classes at the House … Read more

The intersection of art, education and cultural awareness – 71Bait

Artist Rich Tu combines culture, education and community in his work. Rich Tu The visual arts sector continues to grow rapidly, integrating applications of artistic and technological talent into the entertainment, fashion and marketing industries around the world. Students are demanding more educational opportunities to get a head start on careers that often begin long … Read more

Exeter High School students unveil ‘You Belong Here’ mural. – 71Bait

EXETER – Exeter High School has added a mural to its hallway – one that shows the true meaning of being a part of the Blue Hawks community. The school’s newly formed Student Committee for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) recently partnered with genEquality, a nonprofit organization focused on equality and inclusion through arts … Read more

​​Ruggable announces a vibrant new collection of washable rugs designed by artist, illustrator and model Monica Ahanonu | national business – 71Bait

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. June 2022– Ruggable, the first patented machine washable rug brand, and acclaimed artist, illustrator and model Monica Ahanonu, today announced the launch of a brand new rug collection focused on empowering and disrupting the possibilities of traditional home decor. Inspired by accessible design and washable innovation – Ruggable’s core tenants – Ahanonu … Read more