Sounders plan discussion with Xavier Arreaga after apparently transphobic post – 71Bait

TUKWILA – The Sounders are preparing for in-depth talks with Xavier Arreaga after the defender reposted a cartoon on his Instagram account this week that appeared to be transphobic. Arreaga is in Qatar with his Ecuador national team for final training and matches ahead of the Men’s FIFA World Cup. On Tuesday, he reposted an … Read more

The dream of an easy weeknight dinner – 71Bait

Around 4:30pm most afternoons pm, a pair of words separated by a comma and followed by an exclamation point comes to mind; sometimes I say them out loud. The first, profane four letter beginning with “F” isn’t worth printing here. The second is “dinner”. That was not always so. In my twenties, dinner was the … Read more

What’s new in construction and renovation work at the three campuses of the U of T – 71Bait

As students, faculty, staff and librarians make their way across the University of Toronto’s three campuses this fall, they will witness major changes underway to enhance their experience and promote sustainability. These include the ongoing Landmark project to revitalize the historic core of the St. George campus, construction of a new residential building at U … Read more

Anti-LBGTQ hate online surged after Florida’s Don’t Say Gay law passed – 71Bait

According to a new report, digital hatred against the LGBTQ+ community — often from Republican lawmakers or their spokespersons — surged after Florida passed its controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law. The sharp rise in hateful rhetoric against gay, lesbian, transgender and non-binary people has centered on the false accusation that LGBTQ+ people are “grooming” children, … Read more

Fossil algae that formed 541 million years ago offer new insights into the roots of the plant kingdom – 71Bait

Paleontologists have identified a new genus and species of algae called algae Protocodium sinense which predates the origin of land plants and modern animals and offers new insights into the early diversification of the plant kingdom. The 541-million-year-old fossil, discovered at a site in China, is the first and oldest green alga from that period … Read more

Scholar Irene Gammel Named 2020-2021 CP Stacey Award Winner for Best Book in Canadian Military History – 71Bait

WATERLOO – The CP Stacey Award Committee and the Laurier Center for the Study of Canada (LCSC) have recognized literary historians, biographers and curators Irene Gammel of the Toronto Metropolitan University with the 2020-2021 CP Stacey Prize for research papers on Canadian military history. All I Can Paint: The Story of Battlefield Artist Mary Riter … Read more

Game Jam puts students in control of creating their own video games – 71Bait

As part of the university’s first Game Jam, current and prospective students participated in a friendly gaming competition that challenged them not only to play video games, but to create them. The university is planning another Game Jam in late October, an exciting and spooky opportunity for students to create Halloween-themed games. September 20, 2022 … Read more

At Arter, Ahmet Doğu İpek’s Sculptures and Works on Paper Are Studies in Time and Materiality – – 71Bait

Ahmet Doğu İpek’s current exhibition “A Halo of Blackness Upon Our Heads” at Arter in Istanbul conveys his fascination with the intersection of natural and artificial materials. İpek is famous for its site-specific installations: In supper (2019), set in an Ottoman-era mansion, he played with the parquet tiles to imagine how nature could overtake culture, … Read more