The 14 biggest exhibitions in London and beyond – 71Bait

Our selection of the best exhibitions currently on display in London’s galleries and museums. We have divided the list into geographical areas for easier navigation. Exhibitions in central London Photo:Jeff Moore IN THE CLOUDS: A bed appears to be floating in the clouds, as does a flock of sheep that double as chairs. A grasshopper … Read more

The westerner is buying a $350,000 painting by Maud Lewis that was once traded for grilled cheese sandwiches – 71Bait

In an archived CBC clip, she appears as a diminutive, hunched-over woman crippled by arthritis, with a ready smile and a brush. Confined to a cramped tiny house full of art paraphernalia, she seems taken aback by the intruding cameras and modestly deflects praise as she paints colorful pastoral scenes of rural life in Nova … Read more

After running two Wichita museums, Patricia McDonnell retires – 71Bait

When Patricia McDonnell was hired to direct the Ulrich Museum of Art at Wichita State University in 2007, it marked two firsts: McDonnell’s first position as museum director and the first time the WSU museum had had a woman at the helm. Another premiere would come later. When McDonnell was courted and hired to run … Read more

When a museum closes, what happens to its collection? – 71Bait

After 38 years, the Powers Museum closed its doors last year. Located in Carthage, Missouri, the tiny museum displayed period clothing and furniture, newspaper clippings, letters, and photographs depicting life in this rural southwestern Missouri town from 1870 to 1940. However, immediately after the decision to close the museum due to insurmountable budget problems, the … Read more

The expressiveness of art – 71Bait

Ten studio art majors completed their semester-long senior course, which culminated in an exhibition at the Peeler Art Center. “These students spent a year working on their own original ideas within their chosen visual mediums, such as ceramics, sculpture, photography, digital art, painting, and mixed media,” said Cindy O’Dell, professor of art and art history. … Read more

Arts Express: May 19, 2022 | news – 71Bait

Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival seeks director WINOOSKI — The Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival begins a search for a new executive director. Robert Whipple has held the post for the past year and will be stepping down for a new position at the Yale Summer School of Music/Norfolk Festival. Jody Woos, LCMF’s ED from … Read more

The Age of Innocence: When Did Everything Get So Cute? – 71Bait

From Marc Jacobs’ heaven to the return of ’00s subcultures, the sonic optimism of Drain Gang and the candy-sweet sound of PC Music, cute aesthetics are an extension of our Y2K obsession – and a distraction from it the real world We live in a time where nostalgia is the main cultural currency. Cute, childish … Read more

Egypt’s oldest caves discover beauty, art and history – 71Bait

Egypt’s oldest caves discover beauty, art and history Djara Cave. Courtesy of Pinterest All the beauty of the earth may seem like a canvas that is always visible and clear to the ordinary human eye, but the truth is that not all works of art and beauty are laid down on a canvas before … Read more

Meet the Artists of United Disabilities Services’ The Artist Within Exhibition | entertainment – 71Bait

Kate Manners realized how much she loved making art during the lockdown phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. She began experimenting with a technique of pouring and tipping acrylic paint over canvases to create colourful, swirling abstractions. Ironically, the spontaneous approach to making art gave her a much-needed sense of control. WHEN YOU GO What: United … Read more

Check Your Phone Into A “Hotel,” Plus 7 More Spring Artwalk Events | life & culture – 71Bait

With blossoming trees lining city streets, warm weather, live music, and dozens of galleries hosting unique art events, the Spring ArtWalk 2022 is sure to offer plenty of opportunities to whip out your phone and post a moody snap on Instagram, one #ArtWalk Tweet, make a TikTok video, or post a Facebook update. But Libby … Read more