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The ending of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 86 adds a third possibility to the only two options Akira Toriyama ever gave his villains.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Dragon Ball great Chapter 86!

Akira Toriyama finally gets a chance to treat his newest villain, Gas, in a way he’s never done with his long list of other antagonists and villains since the franchise’s inception DBZ and in Dragon Ball great.

Despite being an innovative character in the manga genre, Toriyama is notorious for sticking to the tropes and formulas he originally invented decades ago. Specially for its villains, each met one of two fates. They either join the Z Fighters (Vegeta, Androids 17 and 18, Majin Buu, etc.) or get killed (Nappa, Cell, Moro, etc.). The only two exceptions are Dr. Gero and Frieza, but they still fit into their respective characters to a degree. dr Gero only survived because he had never fought Goku directly. He worked in the shadows but was eventually killed by his own creations. And although Goku initially wanted to keep Frieza alive, he ended up trying to kill him after Frieza forced his hand. It’s also important to note that Future Trunks later finished what Goku started, although Frieza was later revived to help the Z Fighters in the Tournament of Power.


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Now, Toriyama has given himself an unprecedented chance to give his newest villain a third option Dragon Ball great Chapter 86. At the end of Goku’s fight against Gas, Goku becomes the villain’s punching bag so Granolah can unleash an attack powerful enough to overwhelm his opponent and then throws it in the air to make sure Granolah doesn’t miss . But Gas is not killed and Granolah lets him live.

While this shocking development ends the circle of revenge for Granolah, it opens up the possibility that much more could happen for the franchise. And that’s an advancement in dragon ball where a villain is allowed to live, doesn’t join Goku, and continues to exist as a potential threat in the universe. Of course, Frieza is currently filling that particular role, as he’s a past villain who fought Goku and is still alive. He’s even rebuilding his so-called Frieza Force to even greater glory than ever before. The difference with Gas is that after losing in this possible future, no one is forced to try to kill him or finish him off later if that first attempt fails. However, it’s unclear how sparing Gas would change him as a villain compared to Frieza, aside from the fact that his survival forever alters a long-standing formula that Toriyama would never have broken until now. However, it is clear that if Gas survives, he will not have a full life ahead of him, as it was discovered that the eternal dragon Toronbo had to cut the villain’s life dramatically short in order to make him the strongest warrior in the universe. Understanding that he doesn’t have long to live could have profound effects on his psyche that would be in some ways fascinating to see, especially in a dragon ball Story.

But all of this is just speculation. Dragon Ball great still has to deliver by allowing Gas to survive his encounter with Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah and still remain their enemy instead of befriending them like almost every other villain in the franchise. While unlikely, these final chapters have already proven Toriyama’s ability to break a formula. Hopefully he will continue this trend for many more chapters, arcs and sagas.

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