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Known in the west for video games, Square-Enix is ​​expanding into the US with its own manga app, including new titles and classics like Fullmetal Alchemist.

Japanese video game and entertainment company Square Enix just announced her arrival in the American manga industry with her new manga Up! App that offers a bit of competition in an industry increasingly dominated by just a few names.

Although they are mostly known for their video games as final fantasy and Kingdom HeartsSquare Enix has a long history of publishing manga in Japan with its flagship magazine Monthly Shonen Gangan was launched in 1991. Although not as well known as Shonen Jump in western countries, gangan has been home to some incredibly popular manga over the years, including Fullmetal Alchemistthe incredibly controversial goblin slayer, and soul eater. While some of their properties have historically been adapted for English by third-party providers, this marks a new chapter in their presence in the US market, with the company publishing direct.


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Despite the manga Up! App, which was only released in English on July 25, has existed in Japan since 2017 and has a rather unusual method of reading content. As users read and use the app, they earn various currencies known as UP and XP, which they earn by opening the app daily, while reading special promotions, and so on. These points can then be used to unlock specific chapters for reading, and further points can be earned by purchasing “coins” through microtransactions if the reader wants to move on to the next chapter faster. As a result of this gamified system, it is possible to read all content for free, although it may take a while. Fullmetal AlchemistFor example, has the first five chapters available to everyone, with later chapters requiring unlocking. Chapters are also divided into even smaller segments that need to be unlocked individually. While the app’s FAQ also mentions a subscription, this feature may not appear to be fully implemented at this time. The app has new series like Demons of the Shadow Realmthe new series of FMA‘s Hiromu Arakawa and has announced his intention to “simulpuben” these currently running titles.

Early reviews of the app had some complaints about the unlocking system from dedicated fans hoping to play their favorite series right away. According to the FAQ, the unlocks also only last 72 hours, although they can be read as often as you like during this period. Other complaints relate to the app’s use of censorship, with black bars appearing over content that could result in the app being pulled from Google and Apple’s app stores. viz Shonen jump app is known to have similar issues, with several chapters of Ayakashi triangle pulled or skipped before dropping the series entirely. The subscription feature may help alleviate some of these complaints once it becomes available.

During the manga Up! The app might not be the most accessible, but it opens up the possibility that a number of Square Enix manga that haven’t been officially translated yet will finally be released in the US. The industry is also likely to benefit from a little added competition as there have been a small number of publishers for manga both digitally and physically in recent years. fans of Square Enix’s Manga can download the Manga Up! Buy the app from their respective app store and start earning those points early and decide for yourself what you think of the app’s unique system.

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