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Michelle Houston was planning to send her daughters to Heritage Christian School for art camp this summer.

But the cost of $175 for each girl attending the four-day session was more than the Canton mother of five could afford.

Then Christian heritage leaders told her about a new funding source through the state where she could get $500 for each of her school-age children to attend summer and after-school activities.

“I thought it was great,” Houston said. “… I want to make sure my kids can socialize and get out of the house in the summer. you can go out; You can see your friends. They both love art and they love to draw.”

The girls, Makayla, 12, and Allison, 11, eventually attended three art camps at Heritage Christian, where they learned how to use nature in artwork, how to paint with acrylics, pastels and oils, and how to paint on fabric paint.

Artist Rita Sommers-Hukills is leading students including Lylah Garratt, 10, in an oil landscape painting project as part of the third summer art camp at Heritage Christian School.  Students paid for the camp with funds from Ohio's new Afterschool Child Enrichment program.

The Houston family used Ohio’s new Afterschool Child Enrichment educational savings account to help meet the costs. Ohio lawmakers have earmarked $125 million from the state’s Coronavirus Aid to fund the ACE program in the last two-year fiscal cycle to help students recover from the learning loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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