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Inclusion of galleries and curators for recommendations

Jumbish, the tech-enabled art platform that leverages blockchain to maximize returns for art world stakeholders, has recruited galleries and curators. The curators and galleries build credibility into the NFT-enabled online and offline sale and purchase of artworks, while also receiving unique digital tokens for transparency and value creation in the system.

This will allow art collectors to collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs) along with the physical art, creating a real phygital platform. The NFT provides a digital certificate, proof of ownership and detailed provenance, while the art collector also owns the physical art.

The artwork e-commerce platform has integrated galleries such as Arts of the Earth, Art Lounge, Ruki Art Gallery and Drishya Foundation. The art galleries have helped Jumbish focus on the full spectrum of art from both contemporary and traditional art forms. Showcasing the artworks on Jumbish’s NFT-enabled platform helps make history for both phygital and digital art forms, while selling on the platform helps reach much-needed consumer bases and art lovers. Digital tokens applied to all artworks help leverage the benefits of NFTs.

Bibhas Banerjee, Chief Value Officer (Director) of Jumbish Creations said, “Our goal was to position artworks with appropriate value propositions to buyers and collectors, enabling stakeholders to maximize returns in the art world. It is important to exchange artworks with connected NFT so that the added value can be compared and distributed to the original creators. That’s why we’re promoting Phygital – both physical and digital art forms with NFT-enabled transactions.”

“We have enough artworks, what we are looking for is to make buyers aware of the technology platform that can help them buy authentic art forms. Collaboration with galleries and curators assures buyers of the physical presence of the artwork, even when purchasing NFTs through online platforms. Galleries and curators also help evaluate each work of art that is listed with us. We’ve bridged the geographic distance to buyers and collectors through Jumbish, but we need to bridge the psychological distance to buying artworks with NFTs,” he added.

Rahul Chakraborty, co-founder and creative director of Jumbish said: “Artworks whose records are maintained through a decentralized platform make them immutable while protecting them from duplication and piracy. The change of ownership allows the creators to receive a royalty and the owner gets the artwork establishing sole ownership of the authenticated artwork, making the artwork priceless in the long run. Very few platforms involve NFT enabled physical arts, Jumbish aims to go PHYGITAL in a bullish way.

Incidentally, Jumbish has volunteered the technical versatility of Industry 4.0 to create value in the art world, while positioning itself as the most versatile social global art exchange platform that can make a difference for investors, curators, customers and artists in a highly competitive marketplace the art.

Jumbish reigned supreme in Sushma Bahl, an arts curator, critic and acclaimed arts writer, Lubna Sen, an arts curator, consultant and independent art researcher, along with Sangeeta Gupta, the retired Chief Income Tax Commissioner but artist and filmmaker herself, listed for online sale Also certify, comment and curate artworks.

The diversity of art under Jumbish is not limited to just paintings, sketches or installations, but also has variable pillars such as graffiti, doodles, cartoons and physical + digital = phygital art under its banner. Jumbish helps modern customers build their Digilockers, composed of Phygital artworks that use blockchain technology to bridge the digital world and the physical world to create unique interactive experiences for the viewer and the owner.

Shankar Mridha, Chief Believer & Co-Founder of Jumbish added, “We intend to create value for art owners and appraisers by bringing the benefits of technology along with multiple benefits for galleries and curators, thereby enhancing the art ecosystem. Technology-led innovations like NFTs are attracting both offline and online customers, creating a favorable environment for the entire art world. Jumbish will surely fulfill the dream of everyone involved in the arts community to achieve profitability through technology.”

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