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Critical Role just released their latest line of unpainted miniatures for the world to enjoy, but the problem with unpainted miniatures is how exactly someone paints them “right”.

A small mistake can result in tens of dollars in damage or even destroy an immersive gaming experience. Therefore, it is important to do the right job with the right tools; At least with the right tools, an irreversible accident is less likely to occur as long as they are used correctly.


10 Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brushes

Of course, when it comes to painting miniatures, one of the most important tools is the tool the painter is using to paint. It can even be argued that it is more important than deciding what color to use. A good brush must be fine, yet strong enough to leave its mark firmly on the chosen canvas.

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Dubbed the “world’s best watercolor brush,” the Kolinsky Sable Series 7 Brushes are on the expensive side compared to their competitors. For this reason it is not recommended for those who are inexperienced in the way of painting miniatures. Handcrafted from England using the finest materials, this brush also has a point with every stroke. The paint flows flawlessly from the tip.

9 The Masters brush cleaner and preservative

It’s a shame to spend a ton on brushes only to have them break and degrade after a few dozen uses. In this sense, the maintenance of the tools used is important. Though unlikely to be used by any of the top 10 Spider-Man artists, the Masters Brush Cleaner And Preserver dates back to the early 1980’s and is an extremely cheap alternative for its effectiveness.

The Masters is a cheap and durable cleaner and preservative that will last practically forever. Even if it somehow breaks or wears out, they can easily be re-purchased for ~$11 from Amazon or the official website. Simply dab with a wet brush and rub into the cleaner. From there it acts on the bristles and removes dried paint and helps maintain the bristles.

8th MEEDEN 12-fold rounded porcelain color palette

Before starting to paint, a painter needs something to store their paint in. While plastic is a good alternative, it tends to be much more difficult to clean after use, leaving the likelihood of stains. The MEEDEN porcelain paint palette can hold up to 12 different types of paint and is fairly lightweight for the material it is made of.

The porcelain material this color palette is made of makes it easy to clean, simply rinse the palette and wipe firmly with a cloth. This palette is ideal for watercolor, acrylic, oil and tempura paints. Although its components are made of porcelain, it’s surprisingly durable, so you don’t have to worry about easily damaging or breaking it.

7 Citadel water pot

A water pot is a no-brainer when it comes to handling paints. Finally, you would need something to rinse off the previously used color when deciding on a new color, otherwise the two colors would mix and create something very different. There are also other uses of a water pot, such as to thin paint or to clean a brush when a painter is finished.

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The requirements for a water pot are not very high, it just has to be able to hold a decent amount of water without being too heavy. Extra points if it can hold a brush for safekeeping. The Citadel Water Pot is stylish and themed to match the art of miniature painting. It’s a Warhammer-style water pot with grooves cut into the sides to also make it easier to restore the bristles, which is a slight advantage over using it in place of a regular mug.

6 Games Workshop Citadel Spray Primer

Primer is probably the most important application when it comes to painting miniatures. It is not necessarily considered essential in the art of miniature painting, but there are many experts who contend that it should be. It’s like trying to paint a painting without one of the best Bob Ross episode painting kits, not impossible but just unnecessary trouble. Primer is the “glue” that allows the paint to adhere to the miniatures without chipping or peeling.

Thanks to primer, any color applied over it adheres more easily and is less likely to fade over time. Primers specially made for miniatures are very common these days. Compared to its competitors, Citadel Spray Paint is easy to use and dries quickly. Painters should consider a black, gray, or white undercoat to match the brightness of the colors they are painting their models with.

The second or even first thing to consider when painting miniatures is color. While painting miniatures doesn’t exactly require a specific set of paints, there are of course some types that perform better than others. And this discussion has been causing controversy in the community for years. To be on the safe side, it’s ideal to buy from a brand that caters to the specific genre of miniatures.

The Age of Sigmar Paint & Tools Set contains 13 paint pots with special colors. As a Warhammer-related product, it’s perfect for celebrating the recent Warhammer Skulls livestream and its biggest reveals. The kit comes with scissors for trimming excess material, a mold line remover for removing visible mold between plastic, and a basic starter brush. More experienced painters already have these tools and should buy their paints individually, but this is a great place for newer hobbyists to get a solid bang for their buck.

4 Testor’s Dullcote spray paint

There is no point in going to the trouble of carefully painting and decorating a miniature if proper conservation steps are not taken. Storing a miniature is especially important if the miniatures are to be used during a game. Over time, constant use or exposure to the outside environment will damage the color and cause the colors to fade.

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Here the use of a seal is essential. Sealers must be used after a miniature is fully painted, it is the finishing touch that will keep the miniature in prime condition for years to come. The Testors Dullcote Lacquer is a reliable sealer that is commonly used on miniatures, model kits, airplane kits and the like. It dries quickly and is easy to apply, ideal for miniatures that need to be displayed.

3 Citadel grip for color painting

Touching something that has just been painted is probably not the best idea. Luckily there is another way to paint a miniature without having to come into direct contact with it. In this method, a so-called painting handle is used. It is a device that clips onto a miniature that needs to be painted without damaging the miniature’s edges with its clips.

The Citadel Paint Paint Handle is a small, Citadel-Warhammer-themed handheld tool that can be attached to miniatures without hiding too much of the model and making painting difficult. Its greatest strength is that it allows the user to look into areas that would otherwise be difficult if they couldn’t move and angle the miniature with the tool. This tool only costs $12.50 – cheap, all things considered.

2 Cult of color Infinity Airbrush

Airbrushes are practically cheats when it comes to painting. It could also be one of the best types of photo editing apps you can find on a mobile device. Just point it at the desired object the user wants to paint and press the trigger. Of course, things are a bit more complex than that. Certain colors need to be checked for compatibility in order not to affect the tool.

The Cult Of Paint Infinity is a device that lives up to its name. It’s made primarily of aluminum, making it lightweight, which in turn provides support for long periods of use and suffers less of the usual stress that a wrist would suffer. The same applies to the special hand that is attached for a long duration. The needle has been modified to specialize in tapering, allowing users to focus on the finer details.

1 Neatfi XL 2,200 lumens LED work light

Believe it or not, being able to see what you are working with is an essential part of miniature painting. A regular ceiling light is often not nearly powerful enough to ensure that all of a miniature’s features are visible, and can also result in harsh shadows. The Neatfi XL work lamp (or other similar, more affordable, movable LED desk lamp) can be tilted to any position that the user needs to really see what they are working with.

The Neatfi XL is a specially manufactured lamp with a clear white light that does not cause glare, flicker or distortion of the objects being processed. The light level can be adjusted using the buttons on the unit, and even at the highest setting, the lamp doesn’t get too hot to cause discomfort. It’s even energy-efficient despite its performance, so you don’t have to worry about how it might skyrocket your electricity bill.

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