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Legendary hard rock singer Joe Lynn Turner (RAINBOW, DARK PURPLE) will release his new album, “Belly of the Beast”on October 28th about Music theory recordings / Mascot Label Group. The official lyric video for the second single from the LP, “Black Sun”can be seen below.

gymnast worked together again Wayne Joynerwho created the accompanying visual for the lead reveal “Belly of the Beast”. He says: “Confucius said: ‘Signs and symbols rule the world, not words or laws.’ The Black Sun is an esoteric, occult symbol used by the elite secret brotherhood known as the Illuminati. It is a symbol of power, energy and dominance. Those of us who are familiar with the concept can better understand how the Beast System works. The agenda is to create a system of global government to be imposed on the world’s population, known as the New World Order, or more recently, The Great referred to as reset. The agenda is activated again to complete this imposed ideology. The Black Sun is on the rise…”

When asked about his collaboration with Joyner, gymnast offers: “Our cooperation on the ‘Belly of the Beast’ Lyric video was an indelible experience. Wayne fully understands what the vision and purpose of such a medium must convey to the audience. His professionalism is of the highest level and his easy-going personality makes it a pleasure to exchange ideas. He then brings these ideas into a form, creating a visual experience for the song’s musical identity that would otherwise have been lost only in audio format. wayne lets you hear it, see it and connect with it on a variety of levels.” Similar sentiments are shared when asked about Russian photographers Agata Nigrovskaya, who captured the portraits, which showed his natural likeness, timed to coincide with the reveal of his lifelong condition of alopecia. He explains: “agatha is a very intuitive mind. She connects with the artist on a deep emotional level and achieves an almost transcendent result in her photography. The communication between her and me was unspoken but understandable. Through her sophisticated, raw and fearless approach, she is able to bring out the deeper emotion and potential in her subject. I am so grateful to have these two creative forces working with me to support what is to come ‘Belly of the Beast’ album release.”

The painting that graces the cover of the upcoming issue Mascot Label Group Debut is the work of Aliaksandr Akutsionak. As gymnast shares: “Art should shake you, disturb you, inspire you and let you feel emotions that penetrate your soul. When Aliaksandr gave me this picture, I was totally touched and knew immediately that it had to be the cover picture ‘Belly of the Beast’. It’s a perfect visualization of the message and meaning I’m trying to portray. He is a talented young eccentric painter and tattoo artist. His visions and interpretations of his inner self are unique and original. His work transfers his spirit to the canvas and captures the viewer’s imagination.”

The wildest times call for the freest voices. Having sold millions of records, played to countless fans and led some of the most influential rock bands in history, he is an award-winning songwriter and vocal dynamo yeah speaks his mind as loudly as he can about his eleventh full-length offer and Mascot Label Group Debut, “Belly of the Beast”. Together with the producer Peter Taggren (HYPOCRISY, PAINS, LINDEMANN), the New Jersey-born powerhouse conjures the kind of heavy metal that not only gets your fists in the air, but also makes you think.

‘Belly of the Beast’ is a phrase we’ve heard throughout history,” he notes. “You can trace the cults and corruption around the world to Bible prophecy. It feels like it’s bearing fruit these days. If you look at the Book of Revelation, there it is. I have always been concerned with esoteric knowledge, hermetics, occultism, biblical research, eclectic philosophy. I was fascinated by discovering hidden secrets. We are in a true spiritual war right now. It’s good versus evil. We all have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. We are in the belly of the beast, trapped in the system and there is no way out. The album addresses that.”

A career spanning five decades prepared him to make such a statement. yeah Founded FANDANGO 1977 and previously sang for four records for the band RAINBOW guitarist Ritchie Blackmore rang. His vocals drove the groundbreaking “Hard to Cure” In 1981 it was certified Gold in the UK, France and Japan and cracked the Top 50 on the Billboard 200 and Top 3 on the UK Albums Chart. A year later he ignited RAINBOW‘s “Right Between the Eyes”the guitar world retrospectively hailed as one of the “25 Greatest Rock Guitar Albums” of 1982. It also spawned the Hot 100 hit “Freezing”. In 1988, a polygram VP wanted Turner to broaden his writing and singing skills to work with the legendary shred virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen for his project RISING POWER. your album, “Odyssey”climbed the top 40 of the top 200, marking malmsteen‘s highest arc in the respective charts and gold in Sweden. Not long after, he reunited with blackmore to the DARK PURPLE‘s “Slaves And Masters” (1990) achieved gold status in Switzerland and Japan.

In addition, he has co-written and appeared in both classics and co-authors Mike Jones‘s “Mick Jones” (1989),REVOLT‘s “The Privilege of Power” (1990) and Lita Ford‘s “Dangerous Curves” (1991) to name a few. Not to mention that he provided him with his backing vocals Michael Boltonis double platinum “The hunger” (1987),Cheris platinum “cher” (1987),Billy Joel‘s Grammy Awards-nominated Quadruple Platinum “Storm Front” (1989) and many more. From 2001 to 2004 he teamed up with his friend and colleague Glen Hughes and educated HTP (HUGHES TURNER PROJECT). The release of two critically acclaimed original albums and two world tours in support brought him further recognition. Other collaborations range from Shining on Stage with “Raiding The Rock Vault” at the LVH Hotel and Casino and an unforgettable experience “X Factor Bulgaria” to two cuts MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP‘s 2021 album, “Immortal”.

In 2017 he met for the first time Peter after performing at his brother’s private birthday party. soon after, yeah and Peter collaborated on their first track “Don’t Fear the Darkness”cementing their creative partnership and assembling what would become of it “Belly of the Beast”.

“It happened completely by accident, but some of the best things happen by accident.” yeah Remarks. “I wasn’t very familiar with Peter‘s bands PAINS and HYPOCRISY, but when we met I loved his personality and I felt like we had chemistry together. On the writing side, you have to change and grow to mature. I had that in me. As far as it pushes in a heavy vein, Peter said, ‘yeah adjusted his voice,’ which is the truth. But that’s still me. I kept it dirty, gritty, and metallic.”

The title track and first single “Belly of the Beast” storms out the gate with a barrage of airtight guitars and pounding double bass. Before a skyscraper solo, it crashes into a request: “Heaven help us, should we be released because we cannot free ourselves.”

“It’s all about the ritual and the serpent god of fear, which is Lucifer,” he notes. “Who enchants mankind. If you believe in good, you must believe in evil. It is the yin and yang of life. They have to coexist, it’s simple physics. The plot was obvious to me. Peter gave me the double time chorus and we went for it.”

In this chapter he also made an important personal decision. Diagnosed with alopecia at the age of three, he began wearing a wig at age 14 to cope with “emotional and psychological damage from cruel bullying at school.” So he wore the hairpiece throughout his career until he finally decided to give it up. “In a way, it’s both a blessing and a curse,” he admits. “I don’t have to prove anything, and I can wear a wig – or not. I’m free to do what I want. I am a grown man and I am becoming an older man. Many men in this business eventually come to the decision of continuing to “wear hair” or shaving their heads, which is very fashionable today. In any case, it takes a lot of personal courage. Assholes in high school trying to push me around made me stronger and gave me the motivation and strength I needed to rise above the rest. Anger and pain are great tools. When used properly, they can evolve you to become the best version of yourself. Instead of running away, I ‘hid in plain sight’.”

Finally, yeah has something to say at the pit “Belly of the Beast”. “Of course, rock ‘n’ roll is about entertainment, but I hope you get the message, too,” he breaks off. “It seems everyone has sold their souls to big corporations. Once people are rich and popular, they become part of the establishment. Where are the rebels? Who’s going to say: ‘Fuck you! We won’t take that shit?’ I am.”

Photo credit: Agata Nigrovskaya

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