ValueChampion launches S$10,000 virtual treasure hunt in Singapore – 71Bait

Discover #VCWorld Discover hidden stories with friends and hunt for treasures to win S$10,000 Cash & More

  • Play with friends, collect clues and be the first to open the treasure chests to run away with them S$10,000 Cash, a two night stay in Bangkok or coupons
  • Discover the mysterious origins of #VCWorld
  • Daily random drops of exciting prizes like Grab Vouchers, GV Tickets, Amazon Gift Cards, USS Tickets and more
  • Learn financial literacy in this uncertain global economy and have fun at the same time

SINGAPORE, September 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In this year 2022, ValueChampion attracts people Singapore on a great adventure through the endless metaverse.

#VCWorld Metaverse 2022: Conquer Singapore’s Metaverse and win SGD$10,000

Financial literacy is important for everyone, especially in these uncertain economic times.

People are becoming increasingly conscious of investing and growing their money, financially protecting themselves from unforeseen situations and learning about financial products, especially in the face of unprecedented inflation.

While the internet is a treasure trove of information, players must be careful about the accuracy of the information they obtain online.

To enrich the learning process and play, ValueChampion starts a metaverse financial world with HSBC, Allianz, Alliance Advisors Group (representative of AIA Financial Advisers Pte Ltd), Funding Societies and IG.

#VCWorld Metaverse 2022: Conquer Singapore's Metaverse and win SGD$10,000
#VCWorld Metaverse 2022: Conquer Singapore’s Metaverse and win SGD$10,000

Official brands will embed their own virtual characters and brand experiences into the Metaverse to interact with players and guide them on the path to financial success and safety. In the game, players learn about the six branches of financial products in a bite-sized and fun way.

Players may also come across familiar landmarks while exploring the uncharted land. Find all six landmarks and hear their stories to discover the true origins behind #VCWorld.

#VCWorld Metaverse 2022: Conquer Singapore's Metaverse and win SGD$10,000
#VCWorld Metaverse 2022: Conquer Singapore’s Metaverse and win SGD$10,000

Hunt treasure chests to win S$10,000 in cash & more

There are three treasure chests waiting for players to find and open them:

  • The Great Chest contains S$10,000 Cash
  • The travel box with a 2D1N stay at Montigo Resort (including round-trip ferry tickets)
  • The gift box contains $200 Coupons.

To take home these prizes, player must solve quizzes that appear within the metaverse to receive clues and reputation points.

Two types of hints are given randomly once a user has successfully answered a question: a location hint or a passcode hint.

The location hint helps players find the treasure chest faster, while a passcode hint can help a player open it.

The more clues players get, the more likely players are to successfully open the treasure chest.

The first player to find and successfully open one of the treasure chests will walk away with the prizes inside.

Players can also team up with friends to collect tips together and gain a valuable edge over the rest of the competition.

Other exciting events in The Metaverse

Aside from the treasure hunt, there will be 12 exciting days of freebies in the Metaverse.

#VCWorld Metaverse 2022: Conquer Singapore's Metaverse and win SGD$10,000
#VCWorld Metaverse 2022: Conquer Singapore’s Metaverse and win SGD$10,000

Each day, the Metaverse generates a random list of players active in the game that day. These lucky players could become sudden recipients of coupons, Amazon gift cards, USS tickets, and more[1].

Giveaways for the week and winners will be announced at the ValueChampion Singapore Facebook page.

There will be a referral campaign in the Metaverse where the player who tops the referral leaderboard gets away S$500 in cash.

To join the adventure, players can sign up for a free account to start the hunt for the S$10,000 treasure chest here.

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1: Giveaway prizes are for illustration purposes only and other prizes of equal value may be introduced

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